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Relaxed Heads: How many weeks post relaxer are you and when is your next touch up???


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16 weeks post. Hair feels so manageable so I will attempt another 4 weeks (don't know if I'll make it though). I daren't go past 20 weeks though as the new growth is too dense for me to get through quickly I will likely under process as a result. Prepping my hair now for the final few weeks anyway.

I am going to have to remember repurchase my Affirm kit as I'm running running out.


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I got my first relaxer after 10 years of natural hair back in April. I didn't want to wait this long, but I didn't want to relax it before we went on vacation, and then I came home and have been running around trying to get my kids ready for school. So, tomorrow is my "touch up". I can't wait.


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I did my relaxer last night so 8 hours post? Honestly it’s hard for me to say when my next relaxer is going to be simply because I get lazy and don’t want to do them :lachen: I love my hair when it’s relaxed, I just don’t wanna do them, and I don’t want anyone else to do them either. I just stretch until I feel like relaxing. Maybe 3 months? 9 months of unrelaxed hair was easier for me to relax because I didn’t have to worry about overlapping. My whole head was basically natural lmao. I did have to do the half and half method which is the only reason why I don’t want to wait that long again. Not saying that I probably won’t do it again:rofl:


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How many weeks post relaxer are you right now?
6 months

When is your next touch up?
9 month mark around december 20-something

What relaxer will you use?
Mizani butter blends fine strength mixed with olaplex
Are you going to a salon or will you self-relax
Self relax then I’ll go to the salon to get a trim