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Relaxed ladies: When is your next touch up?

I'm 9 weeks post relaxer and back in the day I would have relaxed at week 7 or 8. I plan to stretch it to 12-13 weeks. So mid Sept. is when I'll relax again.
I want to relax four times a year- at the beginning of each season.

When is your next relaxer?
Do you have a set schedule?


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I just had my hair relaxed 3 weeks ago. My set schedule is every 2 months. I know a lot of women on this board say that stretching relaxers are the best thing they have ever done for their hair, but for me, it is the worst. No matter what, at about 8 weeks I get MAJOR shedding. I have used protein treatments, no heat, just about everything suggested to stop shedding and it doesn't work. Once my hair gets realxed it stops (go figure). Using MTG also does not help either because it gives MAJOR growth.

I think starting for the new year (I know I'm thinking early) I will try to stretch my relaxers a little more.
I'm only five weeks into this relaxer but right about now it's feeling like seven. :( I don't have the slightest idea why...? Anyway, I'm not trying to relaxer before my regular 8 week mark because I just had streaks done last weekend and I don't want my hair to OD on the chemicals. I keep record of all my relaxers in my year planner. Looks like my next perm date is around September 14th.


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I usually relax every 3 months...however im going for 6 months, i have two more months to go, and should be relaxing in October. Im at 16 weeks right now....


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Yes I have a set schedule. My next texturizer (which is really just a mild relaxer left on for half the time) is scheduled for December 5th. I'm stretching mine for 16 weeks at a time, 3 times a year.


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My last relaxer was in May and I'm trying to wait till the first week of Sept to relax again.


Yes I have a set schedule, every 4 months.
My next texturizer will be for November 1th.


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My next relaxer will be on 9/2/05. I relax every 8 weeks. I start to break and shed if I go beyond 8 weeks.


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Mine is on September 5th, 2005, I can't wait. I have a LOT of new growth and my scalp has been itching me like crazy. I will be 8 weeks post when I touch-up and I will be posting pics of my hair in my album.

Last relaxer touchup: July 5th, 2005
Next relaxer touchup: September 5th, 2005
Curren hair length (blown out): 2 inches past brastrap
Hair length (shrinkage w/ng): 3 inches above brastrap
Hair type and texture: 4b thick and course
Hair goal for 2005: 5 inches past brastrap by Dec.

"Don't talk about it, BE about it!"


I got a touch up last week so I won't get another until late October. My schedule is every 10 weeks. More than that and I get breakage, plus it kinda defeates the purpose of relaxing for me once I've got that much new growth.


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My next one is October 12th... Since I got one this August. The longest I've stretched was a 9and a half weeks. I say I'm going to shoot for 10 one day but who knows.


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I just got a relaxer 3 weeks ago and am not planning on getting my next one for another 9 weeks. I'm really focused on stretching my relaxers out to 11-12 weeks. It's amazing to see how much my hair has grown when I stretch it out that much.


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I touch up every 8 weeks mainly because affirm is very mild on my hair so its okay for me. Mid sept I will be touching up


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My yearly relaxer touch up schedule is: January, May, September.

The last relaxer touch up I got was on June 10 since I was unable to make it on May 29. :ohwell:

Therefore, I'm going to go ahead and get my next relaxer touch up on/near September 29 (in order to continue my regular schedule),


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Hmmm... Allandra that sounds like a good idea! I just counted for myself every 4th month of the year, (even if it's a little over my regular 16 weeks at a time) would just be 3 times a year. And my new schedule would be: April, August, and December. That would be soooo much easier to do than to keep trying to count the weeks like I've been doing.

Think I'll try that. :D


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My schedule is 2X a year: June and December.
It used to be like Allandra's, i.e. May - September - December.


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I don't have a set schedule. I wish I had 65 dollars right now to get my relaxer done :( If I wasn't so poor, I'd go every 3 months :( I am in need of a relaxer right now, i'm 14-15 weeks post...
Thanks for the responses ladies.
I wish I could do the three times a year thing. Oh well. :ohwell: I could if I wore braids part of the year. For now four times a year should work out fine for me.
I feel ya Anky on the finances thing. I didn't like giving up $70 every seven or eight weeks like I used to. Stretching helps to keep some of that money in my pocket. :grin:
Now if only I could get better at self relaxing. :scratchch


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My touch-ups are at 18-20wks which for some reason only means I have a touch-up twice a year. I have only had 1 touch this year so far. I'm due to have a touch-up approx 13 days early on 30 Aug.


I havent had a relaxer since last December. I was trying to just stretch for 6 months but it turned out to be 8 months. I will relax next week after I give myself a protein treatment and conditioner today. I can't wait I have so much new growth. :D

btw I will try to relax every 4 months which comes down to times a year.

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My next relaxer is scheduled for December 2. My last relaxer was June 22 so that will be a 20 week stretch.
I didn't have a set schedule this year, but after my mega stretch at the end of this year, I plan to relax every 10 weeks.


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My last relaxer was August 3rd. I am attempting to stretch this relaxer until December depending on how much my hair starts to shed.


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I usually do my touchups every 12 weeks. My last one was Aug. 20th, so the next will be Nov. 20th.