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Remington Electric Detangling Brush


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Does anyone own/use the Remington Electric Detangling Brush?

I can't remember how I learned of it, but once I did, I read through the Amazon reviews of it here:
One of the natural-haired Amazon reviewers had me sold on trialing it. I ordered one from Ebay for about $16, free shipping.

VERY IMPORTANT / WARNING: It seems that the UPGRADE (the SECOND version) is not as good as the first version. I don't know how you can ensure that you get the original version, but I can share that my product has the alphanumeric label of DT7432 associated with it. I have no idea if the code differs between versions or not.

I've used it once on hair full of a slippery deep conditioner and water. I finger detangled very lightly before using it. It went through each of my small sections of hair like a hot knife through butter!!! :eek: For my entire head, I had maybe TWO shed (not broken) strands to come out in the electronic brush. (So I wouldn't say it's good for removing shed hair.) After using it, I used my fingers to further detangle my roots and the very ends of my hair.

Technique seems to matter: One YouTuber didn't have an easy time using it.

In terms of mechanical damage: In about 3 months I'll assess my ends to see whether it seems that the electronic brush has caused an inordinate amount of mechanical damage. I gotta say it really seems WAAAAAAY less damaging than any tool I've ever used on my hair.

I had the same reaction as this lady (though I did not use it on dry hair):

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me via my blog when I'm not logged in here. Blessings!


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I don't get it what is the vibration supposed to do?

And its not really a brush its more like a wide tooth comb.

I haven't gotten or used this product (not yet anyway), but have another product that vibrates. My Brocato flatiron vibrates and I have noticed that it is the only flatiron I have used that never snags. I forgot my the Brocato has the vibrating function, but its the best flatiron I've ever owned.


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Oop, there goes something else that I don't need, but wanna buy:wiggle:

I don't use combs, I only finger detangle. But before straightening, I like combing out my curl pattern instead of blowdrying. For me it works just as well but with less damage. I think I'll use it for that then. And shoooot, it's just $12 :eyebrows2:


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Long post warning...

I used it on my dry hair last night and I liked it.

I hadn't detangled in a while so it took a while to get rid of all the shed hair. I used it with no product on the first section then added detangler after a few minutes to move things along. It took me a couple of hours, using small sections of my hair. I was chilling and not in a rush. It would not take that long on a normal wash day either as long as I detangle regularly.

It was easy to use and my arms didn't get tired. I applied it to a section of hair, near the ends, and let it sit there for a few seconds before combing downward. The vibrations alone gets rid of some tangles. Then I worked my way higher up the section as usual. After a section felt pretty detangled, I ran my fingers through it. That got rid of the shed hair left in the section. The brush had some shed hair in it too.

I twisted each section after detangling and had a cute fro this morning. It's stretched out like light blow out.

I feel as if I had less broken hairs using this brush. I also appreciated the ease of sitting on the couch and chilling while detangling. I normally do it while standing in front of the bathroom mirror, with conditioner on my head.

I did have to clean hair off the couch afterwards, same as I do with the bathroom floor. I need to have a towel in my lap and on my shoulders. Oh and if you are using product, you will need to wipe the handle off occasionally.

ETA: You won't get hurt if you touch the comb while it's turn on. Which is good lol. I think that I'll keep detangling dry hair too.