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Resourceful Website with Information & Remedies for Healthy Hair Skin & Nails (LONG)


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Ladies, I found a very resourceful website on HAIR, SKIN, & NAILS and I thought I’d share. The information I am posting (though long) is quite useful. Most of it is stuff I am sure most of us already know, but it doesn’t hurt to receive a lesson refresher every now and again.

Steps to beautiful hair:

· The first step to beautiful hair is cleanliness. You must wash your hair every alternate day or even daily, if necessary. This will not harm your hair as long as you make sure of the quality of the shampoo. Never compromise on the quality. Also, use glycerin on your hair for conditioning, for around 20 minutes before shampoo.

· Massage hair with glycerin once a week followed by a steam treatment. This will ensure that the glycerin is absorbed down to the roots of the hair and help condition the follicles and the shaft alike.

· Avoid blow dry to style your hair as much as possible. The excessive heat leads to the weakening of the hair roots. If your style requires a lot of blow-drying then let your hair half dry first and then use the blow-dryer to style. This will reduce the duration of time that your hair is exposed to direct heat from the dryer.

· Always change the brand of shampoo and the conditioner you use, every two months. This will help your hair to avoid developing resistance to the products and greatly improve their efficacy on your hair. This also reduces the chances of causing a build up.

Unlike your skin your hair cannot repair itself. That's why you need to care for it and protect it. The state of your hair reflects your internal health. The keys to healthy hair are:

· Keeping your scalp clean and cool.

· Learn to massage your scalp using the pads of your fingers.

· Tension in the scalp or fatty deposits block blood circulation, drying the sebum and thus starving the hair roots. So, message scalp with a good oil to improve circulation and free the hair roots of dry sebum.

· Use a pre-shampoo conditioner with natural herbs like henna, shikaka, neem, sandalwood, amla, brahmi, curd, eggs or other nutrients.

· Follow a balanced diet rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins, that are essentials for healthy hair (iron, sulphur, zinc, B-complex, vitamin C).

Dry Hair: Massage hair with an herbal oil at least twice a week. Follow with a diet rich in zinc. Use a mild herbal shampoo and avoid harsh shampoos with chemicals that strip the hair of its outer protein layer. Do not use electric curlers and hair dryers.

Oily Hair: Wash hair every alternate day and rinse with lemon. Use oils and shampoos rich in need and henna. A head massage with an herbal oil helps maintain the pH level of the scalp. Avoid oily foods and binge on green leafy veggies and fruits.

Dandruff: Massage scalp with essential oils like rosemary, cedar, lemon and eucalyptus to reduce flaking and itchiness of the scalp. Avoid fatty foods and red meat.

Shedding: A diets that lacks zinc, minerals, proteins, vitamins and B-complex can result in excessive shedding, as well as stress and tension, hormonal imbalance, thyroid imbalance, prolonged illness and excessive medication. The chemicals used in perming lotions and hair colorant are also all responsible for hair loss. Change your diet to include more healthy foods. Massage hair with essential oils and treat hair to nourishing treatment packs.

Reasons for hair loss: We loose 50 to 80 strands of hair per day. Do not get alarmed, this is quite normal. Unless there is some deficiency in diet, or ill health, lost hair is quickly replaced by new ones. Each hair grows between one quarter and one half inch each month. Hair loss can be triggered off by various reasons, internal diseases, reaction to drugs, dietary deficiencies, scalp diseases, menopause, childbirth, are common causes, which lead to a loss of essential nutrients and minerals from the scalp. Another cause of hair loss that is usually overlooked is hair damage. Excessive stretching and tugging with hard combs and styling appliances, exposure to extreme heat, regular use of rollers and blow drying, perming and coloring lead to this problem. Alopecia areata is another alarming scalp disease. In this disease hair growth may be normal in most areas few bald patched occurring in many parts of the scalp. It maybe confined to one area or the patches may increase and enlarge, merging onto each other and finally resulting in total baldness. The main cause of this is tension and anxiety. It is essential to remember that hair must be treated gently. Vigorous scalp massage in out, it would result in further hair loss. A wide toothed comb should be used.

Natural treatments: Success has been achieved through the use of plant extracts that promote hair growth and improve the health of the scalp. Henna, reetha, shikakai, amla, bael have been used for controlling hair loss since age-old days. These extracts have no side effects.

Home Recipes:

· An application of castor oil and iodine alternately for a week is excellent for this problem. Steam the head by wringing out a hot towel and wrapping it around the head. Then shampoo and use a conditioner. A conditioner offers your hair a buffer against external damage, also making it more manageable.

· A paste of lemon seeds and black pepper can be applied on bald patches, twice a week.

· Massage whipped egg white all over the scalp. Allow it to dry before washing off.

· Combine together 5 tablespoons of pure undulated coconut milk with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Massage well into the scalp.

· For damaged hair, combine a ripe banana with a few drops of almond oil massage into your hair and then allow to work it's wonders for about 15 minutes. Rinse with soda water and then shampoo and condition as usual.

· Most soaps and shampoos have chemicals so oiling and massaging the scalp is a must once a week. Use aloe-vera oil or coconut oil twice a week. Check your diet and take sufficient proteins and vitamins. Minerals and iodine are also important. Iodine helps improve circulation of blood in the scalp.

· Hair must be protected from treatments that cause damage so a regular hair care routine must be followed.

For more information visit the website http://www.drlera.com/health_beauty/hair/home_recipes.htm



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thanks girl i m look into it that so nice of u , i mostly interesting by the indian oils i only knew amla,brahmi,neem hum i have to look into shikakai, bael and reetha hum so it stops hair loss interesting :p


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