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Review - Aubrey Organics GPB Shampoo



I finally got around to using the new AO GPB shampoo. I used a pre-treatment with NTM Hotoil. Then I washed it out with AO GPB and did a second lather too. The consistency of the shampoo is a little runny. It smells basically the same as the GPB Conditioner.

It left my hair feeling as though I used a clarifying shampoo. However, it was very shiney. As far as slip, forget it. It's not the same as using something like CON Shampoo. If you lather only once, it's quite nice. It was the second lather that made it feel like a clarifying Poo.

It comes in 11oz bottles now. They have changed their packaging. I will add a picture of the bottle to by album later this week. The ingredients are yummy:

NON_VEGAN:contains milk protein
pure organic aloe vera (not from concentrate), organic orange pith juice, coconut oil-corn oil soap with quilaya bark(saponin), hydrolyzed soy protein(made from organic, non-gmo soybeans), carrageenan,
organic shea butter, lactabumin, organic evening primrose oil, organic jojoba oil, balsam oil, organic rosemary oil, aubrey's preservative(citrus seed extract, vitamins a,c and e)

Thus far, on a scale of 1-10, I give it an 8 right now. HOwever, the jury is still out on this one. I may add additional shea butter to it.

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Thanks for the review. I went and bothered my local Vitamin Shoppe today, but they don't even have it in their catalog yet
I guess I'll have to keep searching.


SherryLove said:
GPB shampoo????? is it on his (Aubrey's)website???? i must check it out...

BB-thank for the review....

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I didn't see it on the website last week. I found out about it in a health magazine, and a healthfood store ordered it for me. You could call their 800# and inquire about it too. Maybe they will send you a sample


Has anyone else tried this yet? How do you like it? I'm sitll going to try mixing it with extra shea butter before giving up on it!