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Sabino Moisture Block Newsletter - Tips for Type4 Hair


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Just received this electronic newsletter, and wanted to share it with you ladies.


As the season changes from summer to fall, remember that year round use of Moisture Block will result in healthier hair. Moisture Block is not just a humidity fighter; it is the only product that will seal in the moisture you need to keep hair in top notch shape.

Here are a few styling tips.

We have women requesting information on product usage. Each person has unique challenges with their hair, like hair texture, hair condition, styling approaches to save time, product questions and much more.

On the internet, curly heads have a language all their own in categorizing hair types. 4B is the thickest, coarsest, and the kinkiest of all. The numbers “4” (being the highest) through “2” (being the lowest) designate the thickness or density of hair. The letters “B” (highest) and A (lowest) designates the amount of curl and texture (coarse or fine)

For these hair types it’s not just about styling but about the health of the hair and cutting techniques for better control.

Healthier Hair

It’s not only what you put on your hair as much as what you put in your body that creates the condition of your hair. Poor diet, stress, medications, disease and more conflict with your styling goals. External damage can be caused by misuse of styling tools and poor product choices. All of these factors affect the hair with hair loss, dryness, poor elasticity and texture change. No matter how much you put on the hair externally, eventually internal issues will change their potency. That’s why we recommend always maintaining a healthy lifestyle and supporting the proper moisture content in the hair with Moisture Block. Having the great hair elasticity will allow your hair to respond to heat and texture changes.

Hair Cuts

Regularly having dry cuts helps the stylist see where the hair is broken and/or splitting. The lack of this vital maintenance will result in more breakage and more split ends.

De-bulking (with notching shears only) and point cutting can take the place of a razor or thinning shear without sacrificing the integrity of the texture.

The above hair types have a difficult time transforming their kink into length. Try this: 1. Apply Moisture Block first. 2. Add Curls for Curly Hair (C4CH). 3. Twist the hair and finger stretch while diffusing. The curls dry longer than naturally drying the hair. Using this technique you can use a curling iron on the hair when completely dried to form longer, looser, more romantic curls.

Flat ironing can become laborious. Try this: 1. Apply Moisture Block only. 2. Dry the hair. 3. Add more Moisture Block just prior to flat ironing and by slowing down when flat ironing, the texture will smoothen faster. Applying more after flat ironing will discourage your hair from reverting (going back to kinky curl). With this technique you can also turn your flat iron on a 45 degree angle as you pull from the roots out through the ends and hold the hair into your free hand as the curl cools down.

We do not encourage wet ironing or steam flat ironing as they both increase iron temperatures more than 450 degrees. You are safer to lock in the moisture from your shower, allowing the hair to absorb only what it needs and discarding excess moisture that makes hair expand and frizz. With Moisture Block you can regulate and maintain the perfect moisture content.

Hair stylists face the same dilemma as the consumer. Some may consider themselves as curly hair specialists. If so, they should be willing to step out of the box and make products available that are highly effective in the home as well as in the salon. The main focus should be on saving the customer as much time and money with their home hair styling while giving them the most current look.

Our next newsletter #16 will have styling tips for 3A, 2B, 2A and straight hair types.

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I want to try this, but I have a question. Do you just NOT use a leave in on moisturizer?

I am not sure my hair will be able to handle that.

Willing to try it, but I am a bit scared to NOT use a leave-in or daily moisturizer.


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I want to try this, but I have a question. Do you just NOT use a leave in on moisturizer?

I am not sure my hair will be able to handle that.

Willing to try it, but I am a bit scared to NOT use a leave-in or daily moisturizer.

I use a leave-in before I use the sabino because in his initial instructions he said you could leave some conditioner in. I use 2 dime sizes of Redken's Anti-Snap leave-in on my entire hair before I use the sabino. So far I don't have any adverse effects on my hair


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thanks for the post. i am currently transitioning and may try the c4ch in conjuction with the SMB if i decide to do a BC sometime next year. I use the SMB religiously when I straighten my 6 month post roots. works fabulously for me...


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I'm one of the original moisture block post (ers?). I just love the stuff. I've been using it for about four months now (maybe more). I use it everytime I flat iron and I'm all natural. It's really worth it. I think they're still offering samples. You just have to email them to ask for it. I just had a friend email them and they sent out a sample to her to try, after she was asking about my hair and what I was doing to it. One thing I really like is the shine that it gives, protection, and for some reason it dries hair really fast too.