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Sea Kelp !


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Anyone taking sea kelp for hair growth? Ive been taking it for my thyroid off and on this past month. Havent noticed anything extra, since I am taking Alta Silica, but I am starting to loose inchese of my bust and waist without changing the way Im eating. Anyone have experience with kelp?


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I'm taking a vitamin with kelp in it that seems to be helping me loose weight without any changes in my diet. I'm not sure if it is helping with hair growth at all but I'm not taking it in large doses either. I take one softgel a day and the bottle directs to take six.


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I just started taking them a weak ago, I was hoping it would help with my lack of energy but if it helps me lose weight and grow hair then thats even better:grin:


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i take them off an on, and i get mine from gnc or whole foods. it does seem to make me thirsty but i didnt check for weight loss. i do get a boost for hair growth but it doesnt last long term. i usually take it for about 4-6 weeks then stop because thats when the hair growth part tapers off. i wait awhile then do it again with the remaining pills.


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alot of people are saying it causes you to have acne breakouts because of the high level of iodine?!