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Seasonal Shedding


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Interesting - my hair is almsot the exact opposite... I start shedding in late Sept, it starts easing up in Dec, my hair 'rests' til about March, then it takes off like gangbusters over the spring and summer.

But yes, I think it's natural to have seasonal shedding....


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I normally have winter shedding. I think everyone's different. It's normally to have some type of seasonal shedding.

Nice & Wavy

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I know now that my hair sheds more during the summer and my growth spurt is fall and winter. My hair is growing like crazy!


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I'm still in the stages where I am figuring out my hair and its growth and shedding patterns. I would have to say that generally, mine tends to have the same pattern as yours though.


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My hair sheds during the fall. I'm just more careful with it and try to give it lots of TLC. :look: There's a difference between breaking and shedding though. When I notice breakage I do more deep conditioning. When it sheds I massage my scalp with oils and try to wear low manipulation styles.