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Seeking Advice For My Thinning Hair!


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Hello Ladies,

Ok, I am total newbie on this site and I am asking for your advice on my thinning hair. To give you some background, I have biracial hair and it has always been thick thick thick until now. It started slightly thinning on one spot a few years ago on the top but didn't seem to get any worse so I continued getting my perms every 6 months and keeping it moving as usual using whatever shampoo and (usually) good conditioner, no deep conditioning, nothing. Because I never really had to. THEN, I had a baby a year ago, and stopped breastfeeding in August. But ever since the birth I have had very severe hairloss from the entire top of my head! It's not stopping and continues to get worse, even though my dermatologist recommended rogaine for pattern hairloss and vitamins. But my hair feels brittle and dry too. (I've stopped perming about 2 years ago so I'm 100% natural).

So, I'm seeking you all's wisdom. I am seriously needing to be schooled on how to maintain my now natural hair and keep it healthy and stop my strands from falling out b/c this is not cute! Any info. you all can provide is appreciated and I mean seriously I know nothing about how to keep it healthy or grow it back, so you can talk to me like I'm a 5 year old! :lol: Please share your wisdom and help a sista out!

Oh and ps: I did put henna on it about 6 months ago...

Thanks! I love this site!


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Basically it means half black half white hair, hehe, after looking up my hair type though I think I could describe it as 3b?

Thanks for the links!! :)