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Self relaxers - Important info


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His technique makes a whole lot of sense. This would work for me while my hair is in braids. Definitely something to consider trying.

Ms Kain

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good thread...

any updates about this guy?

I know....I was thinking the same thing.

This post has been up for 3 years and several people have asked for his information. We don't want his home address, telephone number, social security number or blood type or anything but a name might be helpful. He sounds like a professional and what professional wouldn't want at least his name out there?

Hmmmm.....makes you wonder........?:rolleyes:


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This is an interesting relaxing technique. I might try to start this when I self-relax again on Sept. 30.


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Makes great sense to me...I use this line of thinking to keep my hair closer to bone straight:ohwell: