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Sept 19 20 21 22 23 What Are Your Weekend Hair Plans?


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Hello Beautiful Hair Warriors!:bud:

It's Hairparty Time Here at LHCF!:dance7:

Grab Your Pre-Poo's, Your Color, Your Henna, Your 'Poo, Your Conditioner, Your Clay, Your Ayurveda, Your Relaxer, Your Texturizer, Your Rice, Your Scissors and all your other Treatments and join the Party!

We are in it to win it in 2019!:trophy:

So Lovely Ladies.....What Are YOUR Weekend Hair Plans! :theteam:


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Saturday or Sunday

Pre-Poo: Oil under heat cap for 15 mins
Poo: Keracare Sulfate Free Shampoo 2 x
DC: TBD under heat for 30 mins
Leave-ins: Mielle Peony Leave-in
Seal: Oil
Curl Cream: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie on each section
Butter: Annabelles on each section
Defining Gel: Mielle Twisting Souffle
Dry: Air dry


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Was trying to stretch my shampoo wash for 2 weeks. Lasted 3 days. At least I tried.

Idk if it’s this new Butter I’m trying out, or the liquid Biotin I’m taking, but my scalp is weirdly itchy and sensitive right at the three day mark. As soon as I wash my hair my scalp is all fine and happy and ladeeda. So I might have to not put it on my scalp. As with anything else.

I tried an oil rinse while in the shower justnon my length and it feels pretty good. Might start incorporating them into my washes.

Skipped leave ins since the oil did a good job of sealing all the moisture in and then re-braided my hair and put it back into my satin scarf. We will see how long it takes until next wash day.


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I washed and put my hair into 2 strand twists to dry for a bun tomorrow.
Poo: Redken hair cleansing cream
Treatment: rice water and colorful neutral protein filler
DC: KindredButters pumpkin cream dc
Leave in: Oyin honey hemp and KindredButters leave in
Sealant: Vitamin E oil

Contemplated cutting off a few weeks inches to even things up. Decided not to.


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Interview with the new braider was bust. She was charging too much and her shop was too little and too hot.

So I'm doing my own passion twists. I went and purchased the water wave hair last night and did the ACV rinse this morning. The hair is currently drying in the bathroom and I'll start installing when I get off work tonight.


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I'm here to talk about it in hopes that I'll be about it...shortly.
Wash : Hask Cactus. This was the last of that poo and it was all that and then some for 5.99 I got more than my money's worth.
DC: The Mane Choice Cheers Conditioner. This is marketed as a regular degular conditioner that you rinse out after 3 mins. They need to stop lying! The ingredients made me want to infuse all that goodness into my strands so I opted for a plastic cap & an hour under a hot dryer. Hair felt like BUTTA after the final rinse.
Leavin: The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Cuticle Control Lotion
Styler: TMC Crystal Orchid Biotin Infused Gel.

Bantu knots for DD.

I'll be back to edit with the products used.
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Still going strong with the same old, same old. The only thing I'm switching up today is eliminating the VO5 detangling process. I follow up my D/C's with a slippery rinse-out for smoothing anyway, so I figured it not only might be a waste of time, but also could be preventing the D/C from fully penetrating. I'm D/Cing right now, so we shall see when it's time to rinse. ~

Last Night

Cleanser: ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo
D/C: Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm (3hrs w/ plastic cap)
R/O: Aussie Mega Moist Conditioner
L: S-Curl
C: Curls Blueberry Bliss L/I
Heavy Sealant: Blue Magic Coconut Oil

Happy Sunday, ladies! ♡

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I prepood with Bekura Beauty Tisane Oil and Moon In oil serum (I think that the name)

Cleansed with Bekura Beauty Puer

Protein Treatment with Moremo Water Treatment

Currently steaming in Sprouted Curlies Maracuja deep conditioner

I will be using TMC Tropical Moringa Sealing cream and braid out glaze for a braid out tomorrow.


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It was a Curls & Potions wash day.
Started with growth shampoo.
Dc'd with Repair mask. My hair didn't like this one. Going on my hair felt like sandpaper. Sounds like a pH problem.
Followed with a quick moisture condish.
Spritzed with acid water to lower pH.
Twisted with One and Done. My hair is drying hard so I'm adding Bekura Beauty Moon Orchid oil to my twists.
Can't wait to get my wig. I'm so over my hair.