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September 2020: Hits & Misses


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Tropic Skincare Sun Day Cream. Lightweight, no cast, sinks in fast, environmentally-friendly.

Tropic Skincare Customer Service. The mailman did not leave a card so I was unaware that they had attempted delivery for 2 weeks due to no delivery card being left. I contacted customer service to chase my order. Although initially, they failed to send me any order notification, they were quick to provide me with tracking info which helped me locate my parcel with Roya.l Mail. They also quickly rectified the situation by sending out a replacement order.

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New Hits

Curls & Potions Rice Water/Acai Pre Cleanse Primer, very slippery and softening. Smells great. Good product to detangle with. Might even be better if steam hit it.

Nurcreations Ambunu Shampoo/conditioner, the shampoo was detangling and after rinsing my hair was sheeny. You only need a tiny bit. The conditioner put moisture back in after a little strong feeling hair when rinsing out some rice water rinse.

Entwine Couture , Butter Creme Hydrator, really thick but did the job moisturizing my hair after washing

Continued Hits

Nurcreations Fermented Rice Water rinse under the Protein Free Detangling Deep conditioner, my hair was strong yet supple after rinsing


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New Hits-

SSI”Flaxseed Leave in” This has a medium lotion type texture,but creamy,really detangle and soften my hair up quickly and plays well with my other products.

SSI”Juicy Dc”Talk about soft extremely moisturized hair with shin and body,this dc has done that and it smells great as well..The texture is thick but smooth making application very easy..

AyurvedicTreatments”Fenugreek,Moringa,Brahmi,Curry leaves,Black Seed etc”

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PJN”Moisture Rice Hair Cream”Oooo,yes.This melts my tangles on wet/dry hair and it helps to prevent shedding,in addition it plays well with stylers/other leave ins.

PJN”Rhassoul Whipped Clay Wash” A little goes a long way,this is not only cleansing but hydrating providing shine without stripping.

My DIY”Shea Moisturizer Cream” plays well with everything,can’t wait to add the extra ingredients for fall/winter use.

*My hair growing 1 1/2 in some areas and 2 inches in other areas this month..Lots of long new whitish strands..Have to do a full henna application soon..I do one at the beginning of each month.

I need to get my ends trimmed,to scared right now to venture into Harlem

Happy Hair Growing!
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