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Severely Underprocessed...


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This is my second post, been enjoying reading all the posts however I decided to self relax when I was pregnant and streched for 20 weeks by braiding and doing cornrows. I retouched my hair a couple of weeks ago and it is severly underprocessed especially at the crown. My initial relaxer was ORS No-Lye then decided to switch to ORS Lye due to dryness in my hair. Talk about being underprocessed. I am thinking of doing a corrective...what suggestions do you all have? Or should I cornrow...don't have time to sit and get it braided as I have a new baby who'd not be very happy with mommy being away for too long.

Any suggestions are more than welcome :)
Bump...I need to know too. Funny thing is I used the ORS No lye relaxer and it didn't do a thing for my new growth,it worked like a really good conditioner...silky hair but I still had some serious naps :wallbash:
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