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Shea Growth And Retention Regimen 2019

What is the length barrier you would like to break through in 2019, with Shea butter's help?

  • Top of shoulder length

    Votes: 18 10.2%
  • Collar bone length

    Votes: 10 5.6%
  • Armpit length

    Votes: 18 10.2%
  • Between armpit and bra strap length

    Votes: 36 20.3%
  • Bra strap length

    Votes: 28 15.8%
  • Between bra strap and waist length

    Votes: 24 13.6%
  • Waist length

    Votes: 35 19.8%
  • Whip length

    Votes: 12 6.8%
  • Hip length

    Votes: 10 5.6%
  • Tailbone length

    Votes: 18 10.2%

  • Total voters


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Was it this thread or another one that was talking about how Wetline was damaging their hair?
I think it was the Wetline Gel thread itself. I was one of them that reported that the new formula was breaking off the ends of my hair. I threw them all in the trash. I was using it on wet hair.

The old formula was perfect by the way. When they moved the carbomer ingredient further down the ingredients list was when it was no longer as effective on my hair and caused breakage.

I currently use a gel from the DR that I get on the ground right here in the Bahamas. I also have another one that I get on the ground called Happy Hair.

They are both extremely moisturizing and leaves crazy definition in my curls and it stays that way all day without ever getting hard. One is cheaper than the other, but I love them both equally.


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omg, the new do is everything! @caribeandiva Wetline was terrible for me as well. Very drying and caused breakage on my ends.
Thank you! I love my new do! I’m making the most out of this unfortunate situation. I mean I can’t change it. So why be miserable?

So many of us had issues with that durn gel. I should’ve listened to my stylist when she told me to ditch it 9 months ago. Lesson learned.