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Is anyone noticing lots of shedding right now. I've been wearing a protective bun for weeks and moisturizing my ends well before bed. This morning whenever I pulled gently on my hair (I was preparing my bun) like 20 long strands of hair came out. I did this like 6 or 7x amazed at how much hair I was losing from just gliding my fingers through my hiar. Does this sound like "normal" shedding? What should I do? My bun is very thin now, and at this rate I won't have anything left by the end of the week. I'm sure someone else has been through this I'm just having a brain fart.


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Girl, I know what you mean. At first I kept blowing it off trying not to worry but it's getting to me.
I just call a dermatologist who schedules appointments based on a waiting list. When ever I do get in to see her I'll let you know if I get anything different from what I've heard here on the forum.

You might be experiencing what a lot of other ladies have been going through..."Seasonal shedding" which is normal.

I'll see what I can find from the forum and bump it up for you.


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kisz- yeah you and me both. have you ever used garlic shampoo? I tried it recently at Tracy's rec and it worked wonders at drastically reducing my shedding. The brand name is Nutrine and i used the scented kind (stinks, buy hey
) I haven't washed my hair since last week (i have the worst cold) but when i start to feel better i will resume using it as my first lather.

Sadly there isn't much you can do about shedding. It seems like you're doing all good things by keeping your hair in protective styles.


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Garlic shampoo, okay I'll try that. Do you think that particular brand was key or just garlic in general? Thanks Spagirl, I tried doing a search but I kept getting a error msg.


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I saw some garlic shampoo and garlic conditioner recently (Dominican products). Of course, you know I had to take a wiff of it.


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kisz4tj said:
Spagirl, thanks again, Tracy's info was definitely reassuring.

[/ QUOTE ]

Your welcome.....I'm glad it helped.


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I know how u feel. I use to put my hair in bantu knots all the time(sometimes i still do but just a few) and i would take them down and i'd run my fingers through my hair sometimes a nd i'd have long strands of hair coming out. I now changed my styling to doing 2 or 1 strand twists and then rolling it w/a satin coverdd foam roller at the end and i still get some hairs comin out. I dont get it. I stopped the bantu style cause i was thinkin that when i put the bobbi pins in that maybe it was ripping the hair. I would notice how i would rub my hair or run through it and notice 1 loooooong strand that goes down almost to my neck and im like 8^| but if i search through 2 c where that is from i see its knotted up w/some other hair and i pull it out. So now im thinkin im gonna salvage those hairs i see and just leave them. I wonder what that will do. I'm now using an old bottle of s-curl no drip kind filled w/water(it has very lil of the s-curl left in there) and i also use some s-curl in the grey and blue bottle and i put my s-8 on my scalp. But i basically have 2-3 chem's on my head whats causing this shedding :^P