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Short and simple regimen


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Do any natural 4a/b ladies have a short, simple regimen that is less than 20 minutes on wash day? I don't really have time for pre-pooing and sectioning and twisting. Or do you think it's necessary to spend a lot of time on your hair in order for it to be healthy and long?


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On a regular wash day I can't do my hair in 20 minutes :nono: Even if I cut out the extras, it would take me more than 20 minutes to wash, DC, detangle, M&S and style.

Now if I am just talking about a mid-week cowash then yeah maybe. But 20 minutes is still pretty short. I don't think I could really care for my hair in 20 minutes when I was relaxed.

I don't think you have to spend a lot of time on your hair. I just think for most 4s 20 minutes is unrealistic for a wash day.

Create a basic regimen for yourself and find a basic style that you can retain and go for it.

There are a few ladies that can cowash, WNG or bun in something close to that time.

Does 20 minutes seem like something you can realistically do with your hair? What would your wash day regimen be?


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1x a month I spend a few hours on my hair. (this is when I take my twist out)
other wise its less then an hour weekly because i wear twist all month under a wig or twist in a bun.
weekly regi.
AOGPB on dry hair 15-20min steam
wash then apply AOWC 20 min steam
rinse apply leave in & air dry
not 20 min because I MUST DC weekly. otherwise its simple enough


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My typical routine is not less than 20 minutes, but it is less than one hour.

After I detangle, I

-apply AO GPB (and avocado or hempseed oil if I feel like it) to my hair

-shampoo with Earthly Delight Herbal Shampoo

-apply AOWC to get out any tangles that I may have missed

-apply Roux Porosity Control

and then I'm done with the wash process.

I've found that doing everything in sections really helps to make the process go faster. Also, I've found that applying my conditioner immediately after I shampoo one section instead of waiting until my entire head is shampooed helps so much, and it allows the conditioner to sit a little longer.


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My typical wash day routine is about 35 minutes not including deep conditioning time. This includes detangling (~20), washing (~10), and putting on the deep conditioner (~5). I deep condition for about 5-60 mins depending on what I have to do next and usually leave it in. I only rinse it out if I don't like the smell (e.g. AOWC :lol:)

My regular weekday co-wash takes me about 10-15 mins in total. I co-wash (3), condition (1), seal (1), style (~ 5-10 mins depending on if it is bun/two braids/ or gel for WnG.)


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I do my hair maybe twice a week when it's loose. It take me about 15 mins to shower, cowash, detangle. I then take maybe 30 mins to rake gel through it and defuse. My wash and go's last about 3 days when left down then I put it in a puff until I feel like washing again. If I don't wear a wash and go, I twist or braid which probably takes about an hour and I do the same thing...wear down for 3-4 days then put it in a puff until I feel like washing.

I DC once a week...it actually doesn't take much time. Sometimes it's 20 mins (no different than a cowash other times I leave my DC in while I doing other stuff.

When my hair is not loose- it's in mini braids and it literally takes about 2 mins every few days to cowash.

I've never done my hair daily...I don't see the point in that. I don't pre-poo or do any of the extra stuff. Honestly, I don't even moisturize and seal daily. Total time spent on hair any given week is 1-2 hours when loose and probably 10 mins total per week when in mini braids.


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Since I do my hair once a week, it takes longer than 20 min. I've been keeping my hair stretched, so it stays detangled. On wash day I just section, shampoo, and DC. That can take 30 min+ depending in how long I DC for. After that the quickest style is a bun, but I normally do a rollerset or bantu knots to cut down on SSKs. Normally wash day takes 3-4 hours, but if I'm in a hurry I can do it in 30-40 min. I spend very little time (if any) on my hair on non-wash days.
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Once a week I DC on dry or damp hair, shampoo scalp w/applicator bottle (outside of shower) rinse DC and poo all out at once and I'm done. ETA: this is the shortest version of my hair routine-- also the most common and my favorite.
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Once a week I DC on dry hair overnight. The rinse, moisturise with oil,finger detangle( if my hair isn't braided) and plait takes about 30 mins max.

Once a month sometimes I go longer between wahses, I use clay/henna for a cpl hours(henna overnight), rinse, oil wash, rinse, airdry overnight. Depending on my mood I will either DC, then moisturise and style or just moisturise and stlye.

Sometimes I will oil my braids the day before a DC/wash day. But since I don't use a traditional "poo(giggle)", I wouldn't call that a pre-poo.

I don't section to wash or rinse. Clay application takes 30 mins including mixing the clay, but excluding making a hair tea to bind clay though.

I will also spread out both routines over days if I don't feel like having a hair session.

MIght sound time consuming but I'm usually doing other things(sleeping, cooking, watching tv) so it never feels like I have spent hours on my hair.


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For me its about 45 minutes to an hour per week due to weekly dcs
If it weren't for that it would be less.Once a week I:

1. Apply AOGPB or AOHSR on dry hair to DC for about 30 minutes to an hour while I get breakfast ready or do laundry.

2. Detangle. Takes 5 minutes since the dc pretty much melts any tangles away.

3. Jump in shower, apply a little bit of shampoo to my scalp, rinse everything out and hop out.

4. Moisturize and seal. I usually throw it in a bun. Twists or elaborate styles obviously take longer.


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I think my once a week regimen is pretty simple:

*I co-wash the day before DCing by applying Trader Joe's Tingle Treat condish, covering with a plastic cap then detangling and rinsing whenever I feel like it. Afterwards, on damp hair, I apply some Giovanni Direct Leave-In to 6 chunky twists and let airdry overnight.
*I DC on dry hair for 30 minutes using heat with either Giovanni Nutrafix or Doo Goo Deep Down Intense Deep Conditioner. I add EVOO, glycerin and honeyquat to the base.
After I detangle and rinse, I spray Aphogee Green Restructerizer and Direct Leave In to damp twists and let it dry.
*Later in the evening, I apply Kinky Curly Custard and glycerin and seal with Blue Magic Coconut Grease.
*During the week, I'll remoisturize my hair with KCC and glycerin and seal with Blue Magic whenever it feels dry.

That's it.


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Damaged but not out

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Mid-week, I can shampoo, condition, ACV rinse my 4B hair and have my hair ready to go out the door in about 20 minutes or less.

On the weekend when I DC, it takes a little longer. Today I'm doing Emergencée DCing so my wash will involve: shampoo, DC for 10 minutes, shampoo again, condition, ACV rinse. I'm going to time myself with a stopwatch and let you know how long it took me. BRB

ETA: Took me 28 minutes 27 seconds... So let's say 30 minutes which is what I've always estimated it to be.

When I DC with GPB, I apply it to dry hair and DC for 15 minutes and only shampoo my hair once so maybe I take slightly less time, but 30 mins on DC days about about 10-15 minutes on days I don't DC seems to be about how long it takes me to wash my hair.

And how am I able to take such a short time? I'm in twists. So there's no combing or detangling required. :grin:
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The day before wash day, I cornrow my hair for the week or so.

On wash day-

Wash in the kitchen sink.
Apply DC and cover with plastic cap or plastic grocery bags. Cover that with a conditioning cap and wool cap or bandana. Chill around the house, surf the net or clean the house.

I leave the DC in until I shower. If I've already showered the night before, I rinse it out after a couple hours.

After the shower, I towel dry, rub a little oil on my cornrows and cover with a satin skull cap. My hair is already styled for the week or two. Redo my cornrows the day before the next wash day.


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The only time I can get away with a 20min or less regimen is when I do daily cowashes and bun or if I have in twists or a weave of some kind and my hair is braided up underneath.

When my hair is out wash day is always a chore, for me theres no escaping that. If I try to rush it I tend to experience dryness. Pre-poo, shampoo, cowash, DC, then style. :yep:


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Yes if i take out dcing which is just empty time

About 5-10 mins(a little longer if shampooing) in shower detangling and applying cond ( usually twice).......than about 10-15 mins out of shower taking my time to apply and layer my products and twist


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I cant do a 20 minutes or less regimen because I have to DC.

I wash my hair once a week and bun.


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My typical wash day can take maybe 20 minutes or less if I don't include dc-ing. I prepoo with coconut oil, detangle my hair, use ors clarifying shampoo, apply a dc for 30 minutes, rinse and go on with my usual hair style which is just a pony/puff. Otherwise I co wash in the shower without any other fancy stuff. My hair does best when I cowash and then leave it alone.


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I can't imagine a scenario where ANY type of textured hair takes just 20 mins on wash day. I have 3 dds, all of whom are natural and have 4 something hair, and the only time it takes 20 mins or less is if we're doing a simple shampoo/condition, and even then, the hair must be in braids or twists.

Perhaps you should try a regimen where your hair is in a LT PS. Long detangling sessions seem to be what makes wash day such a chore for most of us.