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Shoulder Length Hair Possible with Breaking hair?


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I've been natural for several years now and can't figure out how to get my hair to stop breaking. I've tried it all. Protective styles, non-protective styles, heat, no heat, trim, no trim, went to the doctor and dermatologist, comb, no comb, oil rinse, shampoo, no poo, protein, no protein, baggying, natural products, "bad" products, sleeping with a scarf, shea/mango butter, all kinds of oils, glycerin, aloe vera gel, qhemet, so sof fro, jherri curl juice, etc etc. (not all these products all at once of course)

I recently did the BC down to less than an inch to get rid of all my split ends. I thought I had this nice regimen down with shampoo, porosity control, 2 step protein, and deep condition with oyin and heated oils, and moisturize daily with once a week, while improving my diet and exercising. (See other products in profile)

I BCed in June, have been doing the above regimen, and my hair is still breaking! Little hairs everywhere. And I have split ends. :wallbash:

I've come to accept it since I don't know how to stop it. I've never had long hair before because I usually cut it because of split ends when it got to like 6 inches because the breakage was too much.

Although I would love APL or even BSL, SL hair would be amazing too. :infatuated:

Is it realistic for me to expect shoulder length hair with my breaking hair without locking? I'm even afraid to lock because I don't want locs that snap off when I touch it.

Oh, and if you believe in the genetics theory, my mother has BSL hair and my sister has SL hair. But their hair doesn't break like mine.

Anyone able to grow their hair to shoulder length or more with breaking hair?


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Yup, they said my iron and blood were fine. And they checked a few other things too. My hair has been doing this since childhood. I don't get it.

Not enough iron results in brittle hair.


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maybe it could be stress? i know that's a big factor for hair breakage. I've seen what stress can do to the hair my mom's hair was breaking off bad to the point where she had bald spots. I think that some breakage is inevitable, but you can do things to keep it a minimum. Also, do you take any vitamins maybe it's something internally because it seems to me that you're taking good care of your hair.


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i read smwh that breakage could be a sign of hypothyroidism. Doctors often overlook this, especially if you have a mild form of this. Is your face poofy? Do you get heavy periods? Tired? Etc...if you have hypothyroidism you could hv high estrogen levels, low iodine. Try to do an iodine level test. Good luck!