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Siggy Error...


New Member
My siggy is is not showing up I just get 'siggypic' or something similar instead of the pic. Help PLEASE?:drunk:

Click on insert the picture in sig.
Then you have this format:
It's not an error, don't delete one.
Test it and enjoy!


Well-Known Member
Its funny how some can get 8x10 siggies and others can't even get a picture or 3 lines in :rolleyes::lachen:
That's the truth. I wanted to show my progress in my siggy with pikistrips and it kept saying my file was invalid, it was too big. So, I decreased it but now you can't really see the pictures. I got frustrated so I just left it up there, but I see other people with these HUGE pictures and i'm like WTF?:ohwell: