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Single Christian Women's Support - THE REMIX!


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Hhhmm interesting. Where do you reckon he is off?
When he talks about not needing a “covering” and not having to be under any pastor or religious leader. He’s right in saying we should look at what pastors do and how they live because that affects their ability to preach the whole truth of the word and it also affects the sheep who follow him spiritually as well. But we need spiritual leaders, guidance, community and accountability with our faith Jesus established that so I’m going with JC over any self proclaimed Minister. Remember he’s never had hands laid on him by any other established religious leader elder etc nor has he formally studied theology or been ordained.
Those are 2 big ones not to be ignored I’m not saying he doesn’t have some good insight cause he does and he should share that insight as he is doing but maybe preaching against formal church fits his business model better. I’m just saying.
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