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Sorry George Michael...


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HoneyRockette said:
Those who use his system seem to have very beautiful, healthy-looking hair, so he might know sth we don't.

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I am a firm believer that regular salon goers have better and faster progress than non-salon goers, (if only I had the time
). I am sure GM isn't one of those scissor happy stylists we all fear. If you are lucky enough to find one who isn't you'll probably see similar progress.

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I used to believe this until I stopped going to the hairdresser and my hair is in MUCH better condition. I've had stylists that weren't scissor happy, but messed up my hair in some way or another. I was thinking... how much hair do you have to cut off in order for the hair to be blunt cut? The front and sides usually grow the slowest causing your hair to grow in a V shape. It seems as if you would never make any progress if you kept cutting the back to match up with the front. I guess it would be very healthy, but it would take forever to see results!!!