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Spin-Off: Will You Ever Stop Your Hair Journey?


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yes an no.....
i say that because im not really doing anything "extra" right now.
i just shampoo , condition, then let my hair be . and i expect ill do this for life.
cause its not anything special.


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camellia said:
There's nothing I do with my hair now that I don't see myself doing as an old woman.

I don't have a complicated "regimen" I've found that the simplest approach is the best and the most gorgeous heads of hair I've ever seen don't do much for it. I wash, deep condition, apply a little leave in and put it up. Hair grows all by itself. I've never been one to use growth aids, 50 different vitamins or anything else time consuming.

I'll be happy with classic length (I think :look: ) but once I reach it I'll still care for my hair the way I've been doing.

i agree with this


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I'll be doing this forever. I really enjoy taking care of my hair. I've taken an interest in haircare since I was in my late teens. However, there were things that I thought I was doing right or things I didn't know then that I know now that are now helping me achieve long, healthy hair. On that note, I'm thankful for finding lhcf because the info has helped me soooo much. I keep my routine simple so it's not hard for me to maintain.

Also, I love to do a variety of hairstyles and won't limit myself to protective styling (although I love doing protective because the hairstyles look good on me). I refuse to "stress" myself about getting length. I'm more concerned about the health of my hair. The length will come in due time and it's a fun challenge for me to see how far I can go.
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I think I would ease up a bit on my hair because I would have been used to taking care of it by the time i reach my desired length which is between Bra-strap and Mid-back. All i can say is that I've been enjoying my hair journey so far and I can't wait to start wearing my hair out.


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jaded_faerie said:
WOW, what was your regimen toinette.

I plan to stop with all the protetive styling and such once i reach my goal length of MBL. Hopefully sometime in 2010.

When I first started my hair journey after my horrible touchup in May 2004, my hair was a MESS. I was relaxed when I was about 8 because my mom said my hair was too thick and troublesome. My dad was out of town when she did this and was mad when he go tback :lol: :lol: so i just grew it out. I got relaxed again right before my senior year of highschool. I would go get my hair done every two weeks at the salon. By the time I went to college the next year, my hair was BSL and thick. The problem came when i went to college. I had never had to deal with my relaxed hair on my own. I went to school in a place where there were no people to do black hair (or so I thought at the time) and I didnt know how to take care of it. I was doing everything wrong that you could think of :lol: That bad relaxer was probably the best thing that could have happened to me because I rediscovered this forum. In some parts, my hair was literally broken off to 1 inch strands. When I washed my hair, hair would just come out in clumps. It was BAD!!! So dont give up :)

Well, when i first got my hair cut I had never had it that short in my life. I am a typical ponytail or wear it down kind of gal. at first, i would go get it rollerset at the salon every two weeks. As it was short and i wasnt used to it, i basically would never wear it out. I would just grease my scalp, throw on a fall (or a half wig as they call it) and a headband. I wore my hair like this for months :lol: :lol: :lol: I got me some MTG in the summer of 2005 and I think that is the main thing that contributed to my growth. I've slacked down on it a lot just cuz i'm lazy but it does work. Other than that, I don't shampoo my hair that often, i use cheapie conditioners for that. I try to deep condition at least every two weeks( i hardly ever use heat, even though I finally bought a new dryer) with Silicon Mix. I only use protein (Nexxus Emergencee) in the first wash after my relaxer and the last wash right before to restore and strengthern hair after/before the process.

Ever since I have been back to NYC, and due to lack of funds, the only time I go to the salon (Dominican) is to get a relaxer (ORS Olive Oil which is great BTW). I only get 3 to 4 relaxers a year. I cant rollerset for my life, so I try to keep the straight look as long as I can. I literally do not do anything other than grease my scalp once a week with my MN/MTG mixture for the frist three weeks after I get a relaxer. After that I just CW my hair and grease it every 2 to 3 days. SOmetimes i blowdry with comb attachment, and i just got a Sedu so i'll be doing that more. oh and I hardly ever comb my hair.Yesterday I decided to moisturize my ends for the first time and I used the ORS Olive Oil hairdress. I was shocked at how "ungreasy" my hair turned out so I will incorporate that into my routine as well. Basically, in the end I don't really do that much - no protective styles, no pills, no special egg/mayo/avocado/etc treatment, etc...When i first joined the forum, i was jumping on every bandwagon but in the end my laziness won out, and it works for me :)

ETA: I haven't trimmed my hair since May '05. If I see a spilt when I'm blowdrying, i'll just cut it. I 'm gonna get a trim in June or July, whenever I get my third relaxer this year.

omg, i just did a search on some of my old posts to see what I was going through with my hair before I cut it, and it was worse than I remembered. One post at the end of 2004, I was actually considering doing a BC to the 0.5 inches of NG that I had :lol: :lol: Like i said before, do not give up :)
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