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Spring has Sprung: How will you be wearing your hair this summer


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I'm hiding my hair until Christmas, so I'll be wigging it all through the hot *** summer. Y'all pray for me.


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I'm so ready for warm weather. The humidity is great for my hair and skin. I'll be washing and going leaving my hair down majority of the time.


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P/Sing all summer. Right now in waist length chunky senegalese (if there is such a thing)....tryin to make it ya'll....90 degree weather and this hair just do NOT mix. But I am gonna do it, gonnnna do it. Might switch up eith another twist/braid style, not sure yet. But not washing my head once a week is killin me, its itchin like no ones business.


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I'll be cutting a lot off soon so I'll be wearing lots of twistouts and wash n gos with the shorter 'do. It won't be bunnable anymore, and that's my go to right now


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Everything and Anything! Twists, braidouts, wash and go's, buns, puffs, etc. No need to plan, I'll just do.


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my hair loves humidity, the last few humid days we had resulted in awesome wash and gos (before the random cold snap!! lol). so I'll be a-washin' and a-goin' this crazy Texas summer. the heat and humidity are always insane here.