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SPRING/SUMMER 2007: What are your hair plans?


This will be the first spring/summer I've actually paid much attention to my hair, and I know a lot of people change up their hair regimens according to the seasons. So, I wanted to know what are people's hair regimens for the upcoming spring/summer. It can include fitness (cause we all know that health contributes to hair growth) and prayer (cause we need all the help we can get!). :lol:

Here are my (current) plans, subject to change:

- Getting these split ends cut!!!
- Since I'm in GA, wearing more WNG's and doing daily CO washes
- Henna 2x/month
- Deep condish when necessary
- Keeping ends moisturized
- Exercising at least 30 mins each day, starting out 5x/wk
- Drinking lots of water
- Taking the Carrot Juice Hair Growth challenge
- Taking my mulitvitamin, B-12(thinking of changing to B-complex), MSM and biotin daily
- Using my Boundless Tresses every other day (NL, I've been slacking!) :(

What's yours?


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**Hopefully growth without braids. I'm soooo sick of braids!
**Getting a job so i can afford to get regularly weekly washes and rollersets.
**Keeping up with the protein internally so i don't have to buy more treatments.
**Drinking water for growth.
**Growing 4 inches of NEW GROWTH so i can finally do a BC (but this won't happen) Oye Vie!
**Getting to APL... one day... so i can BC!:perplexed::)lol:
**Sticking to Africa's Best Organics products and indian hair oil



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-Conditioner washes or using the Nioxin system 3-7x a week
-Baggying 7 days a week
-Using MTG 2-3x a week faithfully
-Wearing my natural hair out instead of in a ponytail/bun--at least on the weekends
-Wearing my straightened hair out instead of in a ponytail--at least on the weekends
-Taking my suplements faithfully
-Exercising at least 3 days a week
-Ordering my new wet/dry flat iron before the summer is over:ohwell:


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  1. braid my hair for more growth, my hair grows faster during the summer
  2. use less heat or none at all
  3. baby my ends even more
  4. do sth about my dry scalp


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I am currently in a sew-in:

1. Use Boundless Tresses every other day
2. Shampoo and condition once a week (Pantene Smooth and Sleek Shampoo; Joico KPac Conditioner and Leave In Restorative Treatment)
3. Air dry and flat iron once a week (avoid direct heat)
4. Relax once every 12-14 weeks
5. When I take out the sew in, I deep condition with Salerm. My stylist even complimented me, raving about how healthy and silky my hair looked and felt after a Salerm treatment. It's the wheat germ mask (looks like a greenish brown slime). It looks yucky, but it works wonders! One of Lorraine G's older posts hipped me to the Wheat Germ Mask.


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The only thing that I'm going to change is using BT on a daily basis. Everything else will pretty much stay the same...drinking water. exercising, eating right and taking my vits :) .


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i plan to do the Crown and Glory method over the summer... my hair is thick and it gets hot! :lol: plus braids are a great protective style in general... don't have to mess with doing my hair, they're cute, they last for at least 2 weeks or more.

but i don't have a braider anymore... :perplexed and if i don't find one quick then i'll have to either find time to do my own braids, or instead do Chicoro's baggy method (which i modify by adding a phony pony).

here's to hoping i find a reliable braider! :look:


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My plans are to keep up with conditoner washes because I can FINALLY do wash and go's now (I'm loving the all natural thing so much!)

I want my hair to really grow out this summer.
I also plan on starting to use the Boundless Stresses (even though I don't think my hair needs to get any thicker)

I will do two strand twist now and again and keep it in for two weeks so that I don't have to bother with my hair. For a hair style (for my brother's college graduation of any other event this summer) I will do comb coils and then pin it up myself into a nice updo or something, maybe half up half down.


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I plan to :

*increase my water intake
*exercise more (cardio in winter was so harsh)
*daily co-washes
*wear a hat as often as possible


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starting up my vitamins again (I haven't taken them in two weeks!!) and finishing all my vits an hair products. By the start of school in the fall I want to be able to buy a fresh new supply of everything for the year


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I'll be working out and training for a marathon, so a lot of water, sweat will be involved. Therefore, I thought about getting braids, but there are two problems: whenever I've had braids, my hair would mat, even though I don't keep them in long. I think my hair is too fine and soft for the braids. Also, braids tend to break my hair, so that's not going to help either. So I decided to just keep doing protective styles, keeping the ends especially moisturized and dusted. Drink lots of water and stick with the protein treatments, henna-ing and cassia treatments. The goal is to take advantage of the changing weather, since hair tends to grow faster in the warmer months. My goal is to help it along by stepping up the regimen and staying on track with my overall health.

GOD luck to all of you!!!!


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Drinking lots of water
Boundless Tresses( buy it)
Taking my vitamins
Exercising at least 3 days a week
Wash once a week
Co-washes once a week

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I'm not really planning to do much different...I'm thinking of trying henna this spring, and I'll definitely be prepooing more this summer. Other than that, I plan to keep up with my poo/DC regimen and all the things I usually do.

I definitely plan to minimize the protective styling. Much of my protective styling is born out of convenience, but I want to wear my hair out a lot more this summer so I'll be sure to keep my ends moisturized.


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Stick to my already effective regimen...

-conditioner wash daily
-shampoo twice a week
-rock my twist/braid outs more often... I love my rollersets but I like alternatives.
-keep ends moisturized and sealed with oils and dusted.

this is what works for me;)


- wash my hair weekly
- wear spirals frequently for a change and make them a week.
- airdry more in flexi rods/straws/tube rollers
- drink lots of water (I'll drink way more than usual when it gets warmer)
- eat more fruit, veggies and fish
- continue hennas monthly and use cassia once in a while
- look for cute hair accessories
- switch to ORS lye relaxer if I can buy the neutralizing shampoo & conditioner locally