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Stop the insanity (RANT)

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I don't usually rant. Ever. Here it tiz though. *ahem* Stop the madness.

Mmmkay.... I can understand wanting to intervene and save someone else the setbacks that we as individuals have experienced. And I can understand being concerned about misinformation going out to the masses and wanting to clarify misconceptions... but where do you draw the line in regards to going from sharing information to being callous, disrespectful, ignorant, and/or just plain rude to a poster?

I'm all for sharing and discovering info but is it really that serious that I have to tell people "YOU ARE DAMAGING YOUR GRASS! IF YOU DON'T STOP YOU WON'T BE NATURAL!!!!" or "YOU HAVE CURLY TYPE 3 GRASS NATURALLY SO YOU DON'T COUNT" or "YEAH IT'S RELAXED AND IT'S LONG BUT IT'S THIN SO THERE" and other random acts of tomfoolery? Heck if they like it, I love it. It's just hair, being "natchal"/relaxed isn't a swanky club, we're all adults, and it's not that serious.

Who da heck am I to tell someone what to do to their own head of hair? Who am I to judge them based on their choice of care or texture? As long as I tend to MY kinky coils of curly goodness I'm fine.... when we start hunting other people down, E-thugging and being asinine, there's a serious problem that needs to be addressed and taken care of. When you are secure in yourself there's no need to attempt to make anyone else feel inferior. When you're secure in who YOU are as a person you don't have to take the maturity level back to Junior High School (kindergarten for some folks.) It doesn't matter what anyone else does because you are BUSY HANDLING YOUR BUSINESS and not pointing fingers at other folks complaining about what they're doing to their hair. Is it really THAT necessary for us to be so disrespectful towards one another? Over HAIR? :look: Seriously? :perplexed

I'm not going to argue about what's best for someone else's grass. I'm not going to tell them that they hate their hair, hate being Black, aren't Black enough, or what have you because I may or may not dig who they are, what they look like, and/or what they're doing on THEIR journey. Let me say that one more time just in case you missed it... ON THEIR JOURNEY. :look:

I swear, lately this board has been a hell induced spliced scene straight out of Spike Lee's School Daze and Mean Girls. WAKE UP!

:ohwell: *Kanye shrug and exiting stage left*


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Sigh, I get what you're saying but this will only add to the "insanity" especially since it's a new thread. Yeah I agree people should focus on their own hair but to me it doesn't matter if they don't because I know not everyone including myself is going to follow this rule that others impose (concerning worrying about your own self) all the time; we're only human, you know. :yep:


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i agree and i have been on both ends. now i realize how incredibly stupid it is.

there are some posts Ive seen that are on another level of ignorant and disrespect. i swear people talkin like the people they are talking about cant see what they type.
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