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Strong Roots hair growth oil


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When I came in this thread I thought it was going to be an oil from the Indian stores, they always sell oils that claim the same thing. I have one that I purchased a while ago and it does curtail shedding I am not sure what all of the ingredients are, I know that it has hisbiscus oil and lemon in it. their oils are usually less than $4.

This african oil sounds like the "PERFECT" oil with the "PERFECT" ingredients. Can't wait to hear more results and reviews.


I used this oil on Sunday as directed, 20 min/wash out. By Tue my scalp was very tender to touch, I didn't understand it was tender because it didn't burn during that 20min. It's Sat and my scalp feels better but this is definately no go for me. Any other reviews?


It's the red pepper oil in it. That's why your scalp was tender. Some people can take it and some can't.:nono: If you leave it on less time, your scalp may be fine. That's why this is a rinse out oil.


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How do you like it so far? Has it strengthened your hair/follicle? Any growth?
I'm looking for an ayurvedic oil that will strengthen my hair follicle at the root. So, growth is good, but not my major objective.

I recieved growth, nothing tremendous, but I don't know if was from the oil or my vitamins. Either way I am satisfied, I might purchase the ingredients seperately to make bigger batches.


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I know this is an old thread, but BUMP. Been thinking of purchasing this for my mother's edges but been having a hard time finding reviews.


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I use this Oil in the Winter.

I probably use it once a week. It will make your scalp 'tender' if you overuse it. (At least it does mine).

Can't speak to the results.

But I personally like it and put it in the same category with JBCO, HBCO etc....(although a little thinner) with the exception of the "Strong Roots":burn: