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Stunted Growth / ReGrowth


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Hi All,

Just something that crossed my mind so I thought I'd asked.

This is not so much a 'what are you using?' type question it's more a 'has it ever happened to you?'
I'm curious to know if it's possible.

Has anyone ever experienced stunted growth over a no. of years where the hair started to grow in that area years down the line. The retarded growth could have been as a result of over processed relaxing, braids, excessive pulling, stress, illness or anything else you can think of.
I expect products / potions / tlc were involved to encourage regrowth or did your hair just start sprouting out again all by itself.

It's nice to read postings of good conditioned hair growth but if there any ladies out there who are experiencing growth in areas were there was little or no hair for years pls share



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I was ill once and my growth was stunted. No growth. It was really wierd because I have growing hair. The illness was caused by major stress. Once I removed myself from the extremely stressful situation, my hair grew like it normally did. To be honest, I cant say anything really made it grow other than that. Mine grows pretty fast. But, I would say, wash and irrigate your scalp often. Exercise. Eat protein and veg rich diets. Add supps. Lower stress (bed early, meditate, Jesus, hang round friends and fam). Moisterize hair nightly, moist condition with every wash. Protein every so often.
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I think I remember an old AFashionSlave post from nappturality saying that she had a little bald spot on her crown for like 6 years and then it grew back. She a member here too.