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Styles for Long Hair


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Hey ladies!

In our quest for long, healthy hair, I thought it'd be fun to post our favorite styles for long hair.

I'm anxious to see some new styles and get some new ideas! Relaxed, natural, straight, curly, wavy...whichever!



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ok so tell me why I snooped in your album and there's a pic in their that looks JUST like one of mine LOL ..well the face at least..and I guess this can count as a style as well !..curled it with thee sedu..:drunk:


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beautiful face! what type of asian are you? :)

I have a solia! my pics are SO OLD! My hair is at waist length now! I'm graduating Saturday and need a nice idea for a style, hehe!

ps: cute color! how'd you do it? have u tried henna yet?
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