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for the newbies....
I notice that when we there are newbies, some of their questions don't get that immediate attention and or detail of a response. Whether it is because their questions have been addressed before or whatever...but I was thinking that there could be a Newbie section so that when people have time they can go to that section knowing they will be addressing questions for the newcomers especially.


New Member
Hi tasha,

In my opinion some questions don't get immediate attention because:

-Members reply to posts they feel most knowledgeable about (and those particular persons may not be logged in at the time to answer them);
-With posts changing over rapidly, questions quickly move down the list and unfortunately may not get answered;
-Questions can be addressed by doing a general search (like you said, some questions may have been answered several times already).

My suggestion would be that some of the most basic posts be placed in one location (for example what to look for when choosing shampoos and conditioners, differences between lye and no-lye relaxers, hair terminology, steps on roller setting, carrier and essential oils, vitamins, etc.). That way newbies would have one central place to find general information.