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Suggestions for hair styles


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Hello Ladies,

I am in stuck between a rock and a hard spot. My hair is doing fine, today, but it is just there. I mean I have uneven layers which I will fix once my hair gets long enough. The longest part (the back) reaches my shoulders but the sides are REALLY short. I'm talkin about top of the jaw bone length. So I don't have many options but to wear it in a ponytail and look like a librarian. Let me tell you, this is better than wearing it out and looking like corny Condoleeza Rice. I look at these girls on the train with the long flowing hair and I do get jealous (read my confessions on the other board). I cannot wear it out because it get toooo frizzy and I am growing out 2 1/2 inches of overprocessed frizzy hair on my left side. Any cute curly styles or anything else for me to try. Please help me /images/graemlins/mad.gif I just wanna look cute /images/graemlins/smirk.gif


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I cannot wear it out because it gets toooo frizzy.

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Girl we are in the same boat here. I wear a headwrap now which I love because I am seriously hating my hair right now. You can always straw set your hair. That is one style where your hair can be uneven and no one would notice. It is also super cute!