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Summer Tips for Hair Care


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Here are a few things to keep in mind:
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[*]Leave-in conditioner is a must. Use every morning before going outside, to prevent dryness from heat &amp; the suns rays.
[*]Protect hair from the sun. Very important if you color your hair! Use a spray-on UV protectant over your leave-in conditioner to prevent the sun's rays from fading your color.
[*]Add an accessory. It's simple and there are many to choose from.
[*]Add texture with saltwater. Saltwater gives hair texture and allows it to better hold a style, especially key for lank locks. Take advantage by skipping the shampoo after the beach, then scrunching as you dry hair with a diffuser.
[*]Trim before summer. Summer can make hair dry. Trimming before hand minimizes damage by removing unhealthy ends before you hit the sun.
[*]Try braids. Braids look fresh and energetic at the beach.
[*]Apply styling paste to short hair. A sticky paste provides hold and definition, plus protection from the sun and chlorine.
[*]Try a scarf. Tie a long headscarf over hair, letting the ends dangle.
[*]Hang up your blowdryers. While you're at the beach, allow your hair to air-dry. Using a blowdryer after a day in the sun could damage your hair even further.
[*]A wide-tooth comb is a must. Saltwater is a good styling aid, but it can leave hair knotted. Spritz a bit of your UV protectant onto the comb's teeth and run it through strands after every swim to prevent those annoying knots. [/list]

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