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Texlaxer pics...


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well, i have the 1st half..didint take pics of my hair strait like a dumm arse..but i just washed my hair, and i may braid it up, since i am home all this week and i am bored...or not..lol..anyhoot here it is..


check it out..its in my photobucket album...pardon my mustache..after seein these pics..its time for a shave...lol..
I am really happy i did it, i love it, the afro pics are with some product...not much as i still have to figure out what kinda products are gonna define the curls now that my hair is a diffrent texture so some area's are a wee bit frizzy...andthe pony tail puff is no product at all..just some IC fantasia in the front to smooth the pony tail, overall i think she did a good job...i dunno, i still may braid my hair 2nite if i get bored enuff..
enjoy chicas..


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Im thinking about braiding it 2nite..like in the other pics...thnx yall...
i can never seem to keep 1 style in my head for too long...


your hair looks soo incredibly nice! I love it! I hope you are satisfied with the results cause its absolutely fabulous!


Your hair looks GREAT!!! I love the color! She did a great job!

If you have not tried Beyond The Zone Noodle Head, it is great for curl definition. I use this when I wear my hair curly...I also use the IC for sleek ponytails.


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determined_to_grow said:
I LOVE IT!!!! Your kids are cuties!!!
thnx girly, but i dont have any children yet...that is my neice and my brother...lol:D :D
thanx for the compliments ladies....i really do like it..i will try those noodle head products too..


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Thanks so much for posting these. After being natural for the past 6-7 years I'd like to try something new and am thinking about a texlax. Used to get all political but now I know, as India said, that I am not my hair!!!!!! Asummertyme I sent you a PM for some input...


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i pmed u back>>> i say go 4 it..my sister tried to lay the guilt trip on me, but i dont play that..i do what i want with my hair...it was a great decesion and i am sooo happy i did it...


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Can you please share with us the technique and relaxer/texturizer that she used? Thanks!!:)
classy, im sorry i have no idea , i forgot, but i can find out or u can call the salon if you would like...i know i should have had this info dowm packed but by the time i got in her chair , i was already waiting over a hour...the salon is called yanira's hair clinic, and it is in the Bronx on university place ..ask for yanira..and just tell her you want a tex, and u would like to know what kind whe puts in the hair..even if ya not goin...but ima call later and poat it on the board...


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thanx u guys..i really do love it, only problem i have now is, i need to buy products for my new curlies, and find out what works well with that, and of course when it is strait, so looks like ima be in the hair supply store in the very near future..


I wish I could get my hair to look like yours.:p It's gorgeous! My texlaxed hair will not get strait for nuthin!:lol: