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The Big Trim/My Plan



I sat down and made up a six months hair plan in light of London's post. The original plan was to put braids in my hair for about six months to a year to grow it out and then cut off about 3-4 inches, assuming I grow 6 inches by then. I am only a few inches from my goal now anyway. It wouldn't be as bad if I grow my hair passed my goal and chopped off 3-4 inches. I have tried to salvage my ends but I give up. There is no use. For the most part my ends are damaged and split. I haven't seen any accumulation since April or May.
However I have decided to cut off the thin ends BEFORE I get braids instead of after. I figured my hair will have grown so much that I probably wouldn't want to part with the length by then. It would better if I do it now. I think less hair (and tears) would be shed this way. Besides it will be an incentive to keep the braids in that long. My first goal is to simply keep the braids in for six months back to back. I know back to back braiding is bad but if I have to wait I might not be able to rebraid when I am supposed to. I might even get a touch up if I wait too long. Can't I give my hair a break after six months? At any rate, as much as I'd hate to lose length I will be glad to see this thin hair go. There is no point in having long hair if it is damaged and see thru.

F.Y.I. My goal of mid back length is actually only 22-23 inches. Twenty five inches is simply the longest I will let my hair grow, if it ever even gets that long.

Honey Vibe

The Good Physician
Interesting plan, Honey Rockette. I have my own plan as well, and similar hesitations.

What is your hair type? 3C?


I don't think my hair is 3 anything. I am definately a 4 something. What is your plan? Maybe we can enter our own little braid challenge together.


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Hey Honeyrockett <font color="purple"> </font color>
Two yers ago I choped off my hair to about 3 inches, because I did not want to have to deal with the two textures,I began braiding my hair, and dealing with my hair has been easier, plus I just love the thickness. I think that you know what is best for your hair, and what you can/want to deal with. I am planning on braiding my hair this week and this week-end. I plan to wear my braids for 3 months, deep condition 1-2 weeks and then rebraid. I plan to do this for a minium of 6 months. The lack of manipulation, moisture and hopefully my Glovers concotion will help me reach my goal in no time. I have been told that I have about 10-12 inches of hair.
It is really hard for me to tell the length of my hair, or if it has grown thats why I love it, when other people comment on the growth. I think your idea sounds great, before you know you will have 25 inches + of thick healthy hair. <font color="purple"> </font color> /images/graemlins/grin.gif