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The Covid-19 Thread: News, Preparation Tips, Etc


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I have only watched Tucker Carlson's show once when Jon Stewart came on and handed him his :moon: If Nicki Minaj's Cousins Friend or his fiancé goes on his show I will give that pooh a view. Do ya'll see the black hole of chaos Nicki Minaj created by being dumb?
If has reached all the way to ME! My husband just called me and said his boss asked if he "got his shot". My husband said yes, my 2nd dose was in July. Then his boss said, "No, your gonorrhea shot!" and then busted out laughing! Lordt this is a mess! :lachen:

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Naw, it's a good look to dispel dumb pooh, especially as elders. The white people are go be fine. We ain't.

I am all for solidarity between black women and there's a lot that I wouldn't say in mixed company but this foolery needed to be checked. That said, going the "sista sista sista" route in the checking wasn't the best choice. Nicki is known for being loud and wrong and I would have expected exactly the response that she gave so there was no point to appealing to sisterhood. Nicki should have got that straight "you dumb" shether venom said with Joy's whole chest.
I don’t think Joy was wrong and I’m all for dispelling falsehoods but I’ve seen too many times how the message is lost when this dynamic exists.


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I have only watched Tucker Carlson's show once when Jon Stewart came on and handed him his :moon: If Nicki Minaj's Cousins Friend or his fiancé goes on his show I will give that pooh a view. Do ya'll see the black hole of chaos Nicki Minaj created by being dumb?

And she's still going. If she thinks this is going to take the focus off that lawsuit she and her predator got hit with she's highly mistaken.

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Had an altercation with a white man yesterday because I wouldn't get on the elevator with him while he was unmasked. He told me I could get on I said no thanks and he started ranting about me not wanting to catch covid.
Folks are unwell.

Fa real Fa real, don't engage those people especially in close quarters. All that unnecessary gum flapping he did just released more of his suspect droplets in your breathing space. :barf:


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I did ki ki but this man is right, the time wasted because somebody with 20 million followers repeated utter obvious foolery is ridiculous.

Nicki ought to be ashamed of herself but she won’t be.
You can never claim to be shame of NUTHIN if you married to a man who has to register as a sex offender. Whether you agree with the charge or not. Like really.


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Yesterday we had two positives. After contact tracing we sent 14 kids home. Then we got information in the evening that there was a pos case in our in house daycare program. Today was dealing with fallout from THAT. More kids go home.
Turns out the YMCA worker got COVID. Not just the kid. She was unvaccinated and has been part of the reason many kids can’t be at school now.

Mid day today found out a para was a confirmed case. Well she’s exposed me, the principal, and more staff. She was confirmed as of the 8th. So here I sit at the doc waiting for a test.

If I die from COVID I’m going to be PISSED OFF.

Since I’m vaccinated I don’t have to quarantine unless symptomatic. I do have a cough, headache, and felt badly today. So testing.


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@winterinatl I hope you feel better very soon!
It's on sight for the para no matter what happens. She willful exposed yall. That is wrong on so many levels.
Thank you! The YMCA chick was for sure being willful. Idk about the other one that exposed me.

forgot to mention in the first post, today was only Day Six of the school year. The district nurse is considering closing the school down Bc it’s small so we reached 10% very fast, which was our threshold.


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These folks were just waiting for someone with a celebrity profile like Nicki‘s to come along to latch on to their stupidity.

I feel there are legitimate questions and concerns around the vaccine but when I see people, especially black folks saying ignorant mess while we are the main folks at risk for bad outcomes when we enter into the healthcare system, it just makes me angry.

I’m getting tired of doctors, scientist and others trying to reach out to these folks when most don’t want to be educated on these issues. They just want to get attention by saying stupid stuff.

What really frustrates me is that this is a public health issue but this is all being clouded by social media foolishness and political games.

I’m angry when I hear people give stupid reasons for not getting vaccinated because there are over half a million people (including close family members of mine) who died of COVID before they even had a chance to get vaccinated but I’m at the point where my energy and efforts are focused on protecting myself and my family. Whatever you decide for yourself is your business and good luck!

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I want to believe her since she’s claiming 2 other people were on the call but she lost me a long time ago. She’s implying that she would never lie but she’s mired by poor decisions. Also, what’s the likelihood the White House would invite you days after testing positive? If they did it’s only because of her 22 million followers and a hope that this could be used to educate people who are at the most risk of being hurt by these claims.

What could have been a teachable moment is now all about her and how she ain’t the one “sweetheart.” She needs to stop lying like she’s being persecuted for asking a question. She presented hearsay supporting a widely held belief that the vaccine causes infertility with nary a question mark. Then she talked about needing to do research before she’d get the vaccine. Instead of taking her L and sitting down, all she’s done is call people names and play the victim.

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Meanwhile in Detroit a premier hospital system is out of space and telling people not to come. Vaccination rates in Detroit were around 43% last time I checked. This is the population that’s hurt most by false claims.

Another hospital system is basically at capacity.

When are we going to see the makeshift hospitals come back to handle the surge like they did initially? Or are there not enough healthcare workers anymore?


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It seems that she is not so good at her job. :ohwell: To be fair there is really is no convincing these people and they should probably just stop trying.


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Add Alaska to the list of states now implementing crisis care. Idaho is another and I believe Hawaii will be soon, if not already.

Washington is now dealing with Idaho’s patients.
This pisses me off so much. Yesterday my sister and I saw the news about Providence in Anchorage. Now my senior parents won’t get standard care if something happens to them and they both vaccinated responsibly.
And them Idaho folks need to stay there and deal with the consequences of their decisions. Now WA residents are more likely to die Bc of less hospital beds.

I got my results and no COVID. Now I get to go back into the melee.