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The Problem with Braid/Twist outs


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And actually bantu knot outs, although i've embraced the problem in that case...

Is that for me, my braid/twistouts do not hang down, they stick out. So i just end up putting my hair into a ponytail ( and a weird looking one at that) anyway. I'm not very good at cornrowing or even flat twisting, so i do individual braids/twists, and set the ends on straws or something. It's pretty much the same thing whether i do it on wet or dry hair. I usually just use leave in conditioner and coconut oil or serum. I dont have any heavy moisturizers. The heaviest thing i have is the Seyani hair butter from shescentit. My hair is kinda layered, on the fine side, and i have bangs. What am i doing wrong? Is my hair just not long enough to hang down?


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happens to my hair as well. bumping for you cause I want to know. I do not think that my hair is long enough yet.


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Yep, you probably won't see any hang down until you grow you hair a few inches more. Have you thought about leaving the twists in, bunning the middle and doing twist outs to make a few ringlets in the front and sides? I do that a lot. I give the illusion of length. HTH.


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You may not have enough length, as some have posted, but have you tried rolling the ends on perm rods? This can give a bit of weight to the ends to make them hang a bit rather than stick out. The straws would seem to be lightweight to me, so try the perm rods and see. HTH!

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Mine don't hang when my hair is not given enough time to dry. An example of this would be the braidout I'm currently wearing. I braided my hair on Friday night and left it braided all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday until about 6 pm. When I took the braids out, my curls were hanging and hydrated.

When I remove the braids before my hair is TOTALLY dry, I get fluffier, less sleek curls and they don't last as long nor do they hang.
It took quite a while for my twist outs to hang down (like, a year plus of being natural from a short BC), and even then, that was only after the initial twist out. If I co-washed or rinsed, it would go more out than down.

Length on natural hair needs to be longer when doing twist/braid outs to get some length than on relaxed hair.