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The "superstyler" and other TV promoted products..


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The \"superstyler\" and other TV promoted products..

I saw the superstyler being advertised on TV a while ago and i must admit ... i was taken by this ad!

"A rotating styling brush that will give you the look you want" WITHOUT damaging or burning hair....that works on ALL kinds of hair types!!!! .... rotates a 100 times per minute... Special "anti-tangle system" to keeps locks snarl-free.... blah blah blah.... (The list of amazing things the brush can do was endless)
QUESTION IS: Has anybody tried the revostyler or the superstyler?? Are they any good??
How believable are these TV ads???



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Re: The \"superstyler\" and other TV promoted products..

My cousin tried the Revo styler on her type 3 hair. She said her hair got tangled in the brush and it yanked out about 10 hairs. Her daughter has a relaxer and she lost a lot of hair, too. I wanted to try it. Not anymore!

I thought it was weird that the directions say you can't have any product on your hair except the Revo heat protectant (leave-in spray?). How does the machine know what I've sprayed on my head?