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The Wig Thread


Aka Giveme D’Monee
Y’all I’d tried the bald cap method and it was such a disaster!!!! The ladies doing the tutorial videos on YouTube make it look so easy but girl... when I tell u it was a disaster.. it wasAFREAKINGDEEESASTER!!!!!! I will have to go to a professional if I want a lace front.
I think I’m sticking with my half wigs. I’ll probably start wigging by the beginning of the year. I need to flat iron my hair and I need a cut (ends are terrible)
Poor Leggy Leg :lol: How did you get the stuff off? YouTube has sent me off quite a few times lol I quit trying to do styles and just admire them doing them.


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
I put some alcohol on a napkin and rubbed the crap out of forehead where the glue was LOL.. don’t do what I did though because I ended up getting a small scar.
If you have coconut oil and Nivea cream the blue tin.. that is what our family friend used on her daughter after boiling water fell on part of her daughter's arm during a kindergarten field trip. I had rec'd it as I had used it on a scar from hot water that fell on my tummy while making tea.

Her daughter had not been badly burnt miraculously but her mom alternated with aloe as far as I remember and it healed fast with no visible scars remaining.


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
I feel like the criminal lady in Home Alone (Alice) in this wig. Or the page boy (literal one, not the hairstyle) of a Medieval knight.

You know how people put concealer and whatever on the hairline? This one has a zig-zag parting, do people still do it with that?


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I have never worn a wig and I am thinking of giving it a go! I saw a You Tuber names Kie Rashon with a bob wig from Hair Vivi. It’s not cheap but I want it!