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Thinning update - BEFORE/AFTER PICS!


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Hi all -

The last time I updated about my hairloss saga, things were NOT going well. I was shedding like mad despite allll my efforts to stop the hair loss, so I decided not to post about it again unless there were some major developments.

Well, there have been developments. Just a few weeks after that last post, I started to notice fewer shed hairs. Then I thought my eyes must be deceiving me when I pulled my hair back and there was actually hair on my temples again! The top of my head was also feeling thicker. I started to focus on things other than my hair again. I've started wearing my hair pulled back with confidence again. I'm kinda amazed that ANYTHING worked.

I wish I could tell ya'll that it was Jesus oil and Mother Earth potion that got my hair to come back in cause I know we like to be as holistic about our hair as possible, but aside from prayer and a 5mg Solgar biotin supplement, my regrowth is credited to 4 months so far of a once-daily application of men's Rogaine foam 5% and 50mgs of oral spironolactone twice daily. I'd read there was a "dread shed" period on Rogaine, and yes--I was going through that when I posted last, and it truly was dreadful. But it slowed, and new hair has come in. I even have hair growing lower on my forehead by my temples than my natural hairline ever did--that's probably from the Rogaine migrating a bit. Kinda cool!

My results aren't miraculous; my edges are still thinner than before--but they are filling in. Considering they thinned because of heredity and not styling choices, I'm thrilled with my recovery so far. I don't know what the future holds or how long I will enjoy having some of the lost hair back again. I know I'm just SO grateful to have been released from the aching misery and shame of having to hide my thinning every day with unflattering hairstyles. It's great to be free from thinking of it all the time.

I ran out of my biotin a few weeks ago and noticed the top of my head, where the scarring alopecia was diagnosed, is feeling thinner again. I've just started taking it again; I think the Rogaine, spiro and biotin have worked best for me when used together. My results are below:

Before - early summer '07:

After - mid-December 07:
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I'm so glad that your hair is growing back so well!!!!! The filling in on your crown is just AMAZING!!


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:eek: OMG! That's AMAZING progress!! CONGRATULATIONS! :yay: I remember reading about your problem. I'm SO HAPPY you've found a solution!!


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Oh my gosh, I'm SO happy for you! :yahoo:

I remember your last thread, and I felt so horrible and sad for you. I just wanted to be able to help you in some way. I'm so glad your hair is coming back! :happydance:


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That is so awesome Blu! I use Spectera DNC 5% - it has other goodies in it but the base is 5% Minoxidill. My hair is growing back also. I'm taking 100 mg of Spiro, 5 mg of biotin, Biosil, and Shen Mins. I know it's a lot to take but my hair is growing back!! I went through the dred shed, but it was more so my relaxed hair breaking off at the new growth point so I did a big chop on 12/20/2007 after having had a relaxer on 10/5/2007 That was drastic but my hair is growing like weeds now! I am 100% natural with about 1.5 inches of full even new growth. I had to start over because the Meds and my relaxed hair did not mix but I don't have my bald spots above the temples and my hairline is fully back. I'm going to continue to wear my lace front wigs for a year until I get some length. I didn't take before pictures, I just couldn't stand it. I have been hiding under my pretty wigs!! I am so glad that I have them however I can't wait to wear my natural hair again. I am also excited about being 100% natrual as well.

I hope other women with alopecia join in with their stories, there is hope!!

You have made marvelous progress and its so cool we found just about the same solution. My Dx was basically female patten baldness...my mom had it as well. If you can treat it quick enough you can revive the dormant follicles. I feel also that taking the supplements and eating well helps your body rebuild the hair shaft. A high protein diet is very important.

Thanks for posting the excellent news!!!!!


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Congrats to you! I use Rogaine for Men as well to combat the same thing...hereditary female patterned baldness and it works wonders. Yes, I have sideburns but I don't care. I have hair in the two spots that were shedding in the front and my crown has hair.

I don't care that I'll have to use this forever. It's all about not having to resort to wigs when I get to my mom's age.

Continued growth to you.


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Congratulations to you. I have loved one who is absolutely gorgeous. Due to alopecia, she is completely bald. I am so happy for you that you have found an answer.

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Your hair is coming in so beautifully!!!!! I am very happy for you and i'm so sorry you are dealing with this. Keep your head up because things have turned around for you in a major way :grin:


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THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! :clapping::band::band2::woohoo:

I am so very happy for you. Your hair has grown back and then some!!!


This is wonderful news! :kiss:


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Oh I'm so happy to read your post! I remember the first one and my heart went out to you as well! I'm so pleased that you have found a product that is working for you and your progress is amazing!!!!

Pls keep us updated!!


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BLU!!!!:yay::band2::clapping::dance7::bouncy::goodpost::circle:You know I am so happy for you after all our pm conversations this is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yep:

Ok back on my spiro now such an inspiration!!
Congratulations! You are truly an inspiration. I know from experience how alopecia can hang a cloud over your day.....Spending precious time trying to hide the 'gaps' then getting to a point where there isn't enough hair to do that any more....Your story fills me with hope and the LHCF is giving me the information I need to reach my healthy hair goals. Thank you, all of you who post and share your stories.:waytogo:


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I'm so glad to see that your hair is doing better! Keep up whatever you're doing --- prayer, Rogain, biotin...whatever, it's working! :yep: