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TIPS to grow long healthy hair


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I found this the other day. Some new and some not so new tips...


TIPS to grow long healthy hair.

Hair Health and Fashion

Fashion of short hair styles is being popular but the grace of long and healthy hairstyle is still unbeatable especially in eastern countries. Weather hairs are long or short hair updos their health is the important issue in respect of shining, silkiness, length and color of hairs. So many companies seems to advertise their hair oils, lotions, creams and shampoos with high sky claims; but the fact is that hair grows with roots under the skin, so all the outer care becomes useless unless your diet, general health, and emotional health is properly maintained.

The first important issue to maintain healthy hair is deeply related to your skin health. Here are given some homemade beauty Tips to improve your hairs and scalp skin in order to avoid hair problems.

Tips to Promote Hair Health and Re-Grow Hair

Recipe-1 Pure coconut oil should be used for the massage of scalp in order to promote hair growth.

Recipe-2 Boil coconut oil with small onions and cool it down. Apply on your scalp with help of your finger tips. Prepare mixture of green gram powder and water of boiled rice. Wash your head off with the mixture.

Recipe-3 Prepare mixture of gooseberry juice and almond oil. Apply this mixture on your hairs and scalp skin with the help of your finger tips.

Recipe-4 Prepare mixture of coconut oil, olive oil and lemon juice in equal quantity of each. Warm the mixture and apply this lukewarm mixture on your scalp and hairs. Manage steam-towel-wrap before washing it off at least 15-20 minutes.

Recipe-5 Prepare mixture of sika kai powder and water drained from boiled rice. Wash your hair with the mixture.

Recipe-6 Wash your hairs with juice of five petal hibiscus flower leaves

Recipe-7 Mix camphor in oil and heat it up. Apply this lukewarm mixture on your scalp and keep massaging for 10-15 minutes. And wait for half an hour before washing it off. Use herbal shampoo for your hairs.

Tips to make hair shining and healthy

Recipe-1 Castor oil is found effective to grow healthy hair and eyelashe growth. Apply castor oil to make your hairs thick and shining.

Recipe-2 For shining and black hair always wash your hair with (boiled tea) water at weekly basis.

Recipe-3 Prepare paste of gooseberry being soaked in milk, apply the paste on your hairs, and wait for two hours and then washout with fresh water.

Recipe-4 Prepare the mixture of glycerin 1 tablespoon, castor oil 2 tablespoon with one egg white; apply the said paste on the hairs and scalp. Wait for two hours before washing it off.

Recipe-5 Apply lukewarm coconut oil on your scalp and hair; massage it gently for 30 minutes. Wrap your head with hot steamed towel for one hour. And wash it off with water.

How to Grow Hairs Long?

Take few hibiscus flowers; boil them in coconut oil for 15 minutes. use it after filtering in order to avoid hair loss and to make your hairs thick.

Tip for damaged cuticles

It is common problem that hair cuticles get damaged and the pores close with dirt and sebum, for this problem, “steam-towel-wrap” is the best solution to adopted.

Tip for dull and dried hairs

Prepare mixture of vinegar and warm water; keep your hair rinsed in the mixture for some time in order to make shining your lusterless and dull hairs.

Natural Hair conditioner

Natural hair conditioner may be prepared by mixing egg white with curd. Apply this mixture instead of using any conditioner.

Herbal hair oil

Very easy to prepare the natural herbal hair oil; get one cup of coconut oil, one cup of mustard oil, and one cup of curry leaves, mix all and keep it soaked over night. Boil the mixture till the curry leaves get burnt. Cool it down and mix some quantity of camphor, natural hair oil is ready to use. Apply it with the help of your finger tips and massage.

Tip to avoid graying Hairs

Recipe-1 Prepare mixture of an egg, lemon juice 1 tablespoon, instant coffee powder 1 table spoon with a little mehandi. After mixing it thoroughly apply it on your hairs and wait an hour before washing it off.

Recipe-2 Take one cup of gooseberry and four cup of water; boil it till the water quantity remains 1 cup. Prepare mixture of gooseberry liquid, mehandi 2 cups, juice of a lemon and an egg to make paste. Apply the paste on your hairs and wait for 2 hours before washing it off.


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Sounds very Indian/Desi. My roommate used to do stuff like that. Thanks!