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Top 50 Hair Blogs


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I hope that you ladies find this information useful. For the full list click the link:


My Hair Sistas Inc.

This site includes a blog and a forum for swapping stories and tips on African-American hair care.

Hairriffic because: This site embraces women with Afro and curly hair textures, helping them get started on a basic regimen by choosing the right products for their hair type.

Stylin' news: Being a member of the forum gains you access to videos and features that help you in your quest for healthy, beautiful hair.

Hairstyle & Haircut Blog

This blog covers nearly all categories of hairstyles, including classic wedding up 'dos to punk and emo looks

Hairriffic because: Here's a place where you can find a style you like, print it out, and hand it to your stylist to replicate on your own hair.

Stylin' news: This is a great site for scooping trends - tune in for the Best Bob of 2010 or sexy short styles for men.


You'll find mostly photos of celebrity hairstyles on this site, with many that track a celeb's evolving style so you can judge for yourself which styles look best.

Hairriffic because: If you've got a wedding or another special event coming up, head here for some style inspiration.

Stylin' news: Some of the romantic hairstyles in the wedding gallery are definitely worth a look for your own big day.

Hair Styles Blog
This site is categorized by hairstyle length, with sections for men, children, and teens.

Hairriffic because: The articles on growing out bangs and working with your stylist to create your perfect look are worth a read.

Stylin' news: Have you found hairstyle inspiration while watching your favorite soap opera? This blog argues that there may be some downsides in bringing daytime drama to your own hair.

Christie Walker Hair
Christie Walker is a California stylist who shares her passion for hair through her blog.

Hairriffic because: Read her commentary on the latest celebrity styles, like Lady Gaga's hair bows and celebrity ponytails.

Stylin' news: Walker is a Los Angeles Laker fan and recently featured some of the more colorful basketball player 'dos in an article.

Afroniquely You
Another blog dedicated to natural hair, Afroniquely You is about letting people know about the beauty of textured hair.

Hairriffic because: There's a great section for people who are just starting out on their journey toward going natural, with 10 tips for beginners and a rundown of techniques, styles, oils, and mixes and more.

Stylin' news: There's a "Did You Know?" section filled with tips on using natural products.

Vanity Hair Extensions
Vanity Hair Extensions gives the lowdown on getting extensions and how to choose from among the different kinds of extensions.

Hairriffic because: If you're new to extensions, it can be a little intimidating to figure out how to get started. This blog features articles on how to attach extensions and the pros and cons when it comes to choosing human or synthetic hair.

Stylin' news: Did you know men can wear extensions, too? Apparently more men are adding in strands to the top of their heads to give their hair more density and versatility.

How's My Hair?

How's My Hair? is described as "one woman's crazy quest to find the best products and style."

Hairriffic because: You'll find products, products, and more products on this site. Read up on some of the latest shampoos and styling aids and try out a few for yourself.

Stylin' news: Curious about co-washing and low- or no-'poo? (That's "shampoo" for the cool kids). This blogger has the inside scoop on those techniques to avoid dry, frizzy hair.

My Hair Divine
Connect with other ladies through My Hair Divine, which includes information about hairstyles, textures, and hair care for women of color.

Hairriffic because: This site doesn't align itself solely with either the relaxed or natural hair camps, but aims for women to educate themselves on how to achieve healthy hair regardless of their hair category.

Stylin' news: Read these outspoken bloggers, then sound off on your opinion of celebrities who are shaving their heads or Janet Jackson's short 'do.

My Dreadlocks
This hair site is solely dedicated to growing and maintaining a head full of 'locks ("nothing dreadful about them," says the site's creator).

Hairriffic because: Read about the blogger's journey to hair 'locking, ask your burning questions about how to maintain this natural style, and check out photos of lovely 'locks.

Stylin' news: If you don't have the time to care for your dreadlocks, consider enlisting the services of a "loctician" (a person who specializes in dreadlocks).


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many thanks, op :kiss:
i'm always looking for new hair sites and there are plenty here that are new to me


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Ooooh thanks for sharing!! I LOVE BLOGS! Shameless Plug: www.longnaturalhair.info <--- my blog :)


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You ladies are very welcome. I love how there is something for everyone. I think I even saw a blog about wedding hair styles.