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Trade-Off: Moisture vs. Low-Maintenance/Manipulation


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I'm at sort of crossroad-I enjoy drying my hair in rollersets, but they do not maintain their hold unless I use some type of holding spray-particularly spritz ..bad bad, bad- I know.

HOWEVER, manipulation is much more detrimental to my hair than lack of moisture (my hair has good porosity and gets overly moisturized easily). This is what happens when my rollersets fall after a couple of days, even using pincurls-I have to manipulate my hair which results in split ends, (making me unable to retain healthy length).

So I plan to do a little experiment. Rollerset every 5-8 days, spritz in place, and which will allow me to not have to comb except for when I wash & re-rollerset. :look: I recall when I was relaxed and played soccer (in high school)-I would wash & deep condition my hair once a week or every two weeks and used spritz to keep my hair flying away while in a bun-my hair retained about 4-7 inches (from a little past shoulder after a setback to about bsl in a little over a year) from not having to comb and it RARELY ever got splits. I'm think I'm going to go back to this and see how it works .

Wish me luck :grin:!