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Transition Over I BC'd Pics Inside


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After reading transition stories, after, staking fotkis, and getting all of your advice...I finally did it. After transitioning for a mere 3 months.

I walked into work today and these europeans are looking like:blush:. Some struggled to pose a compliment. But I don't need that. Nobody has to like it...I love my new look. I am so happy with my decision. I just woke up yesterday and said it was time. As I began cutting my hair yesterday I wasn't sad from cutting my relaxed hair but the length of my new natural hair (because I had to put it in some shape and style). I am extremely happy!

Why I decided to transition: I love curly hair and always wanted my own hair curly. Also tired of my hair growing long then breaking with relaxers. I am presently 12 weeks post relaxer.

My Transition Plan: My plan was to do three big cuts. I had already done two. I didn't plan on doing a bc until July.

Finding Products that work for my natural hair: This was easy because I had already cut the nape of my neck months so I knew what would work. Neutrogena Tripple Moisture Shampoo and Deep Recovery Mask for conditioner, olive oil, and Garnier Frutis Spray Gel to lay my hair down.

Detangling: Is hella easy! Use a ratail comb with conditioner while wet and I am done.

Frustrations: I didn't anticipate how much shrinkage I would have with my new growth. If I had I wouldn't have cut my new growth down so low. But my hair grows fast. I originally hoped/wanted to have 3c hair but I have 4a hair. Tight little coilies and I love it.

New Positive Experience: I am impresed with the curl definition I have with just conditioner. I feel so liberated. I can't believe I made such a big deal about transitioning and going natural. I should have made this deicion a lot earlier.

Will I ever Relax again?: Who knows maybe. I can always go back to the relaxed lifestyle. But for now I will enjoy my curlies. I encourage anyone that is curious about going natural just to go and try it you can always go back to relaxed hair.

Thank you LHCF Ladies!

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Congratulations on your BC. I have to say this, honestly, you look really cute with your hair at this length and your hair looks soooooo soft!

Congratulations again! :)


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CONGRATS!!! and yes, conditioner is my baby daddy. it can do EVERYTHING! It's the only product I use in my daily routine.


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Congratulations! I can't see the pics on my cell phone for some reason but I am sure you look cute. I am 5 and 1/2 months into my transition and already itching to BC but I plan on doing a long term transition so I will see. Lol