Tropical Isle vs Sunny Isle JBCO

Discussion in 'Hair Care Tips & Product Review Discussion' started by Urban, Nov 4, 2010.

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    So it seems they're changing up another popular product. I wanted to know if anyone has used the new Sunny Isle JBCO and how it compares to the original Tropical Isle JBCO. It seems like they're phasing out the Tropical Isle line, and I'm thinking if it's better, I might stock up (the Aussie dollar is doing really well right now!!)

    lol, answer me before y'all clear out the stores!
    I know you ladies don't play when it comes to stocking up on discontinued products. :lachen:

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    waiting for Nonie's book to drop!
    Urban i too saw that sunny isle jbco online.... geeesh i just thought it was a copy
    or a "new" brand b/c of the popularity of tropical isle

    i sold almost all of my own jbco stash b/c it itched so much.......and even contacted the company for help
    she said it was toxins being released from my body:perplexed

    but i heard nothing about them leaving (i dunno) fact i'll be selling the Tropicle Isle lavender 4 and 8 oz & mac makeup for christmas

    but i didn't here it was going out...... perhaps so
    but i thought it was just a different brand, in fact i'm willing to swap with someone or i'll order the sunny isle just to see if i still itch

    oh.... i was told to cut the itching with wheat germ oil, but i havent been using any jbco in many moons now AND I'M STILL ITCHING!! LOL

    oh well
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