Trying The Harklinikken Scandinavian Hair Treatment

Discussion in 'Hair Loss' started by OneShinyface, Mar 8, 2019.

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    I suffer from hormonal hair loss because I'm post menopausal. This means I have thinning in the crown as well as thin/nearly bald spots at both temples. One more so than the other. I'm so glad my hair was/is very thick as that helps me with covering the spots with certain styles. I can no longer wear my hair in my signature bun because of this.

    So I was doing research on hair loss remedies and came across a NYT story on a new hair treatment that has made its way to the US. The link is below.

    I had to take an online assessment then they allowed me to schedule a Facetime consult with someone from the office. In the US, they have a location in NYC and in Florida. The person I chatted with was in Florida. We talked about the history of my hair loss, what products I had been using, i.e. Minoxidil, and she took pictures of my thin/bald patches. Based on the type of hair loss, she said I did, in fact, qualify and we arranged for me to receive a bottle of their balancing shampoo and their proprietary serum for hair growth.

    The serum comes in a large bottle with a syringe for application. I think it was about $80 and it should last me a few months since I don't have to use it all over. It's definitely cheaper than this growth serum I purchase from a hair specialist who has his created at a compounding pharmacy.

    I've been using it for a month along with a 12.5% minoxidil spray that I bought on ebay (she said I could continue using that in conjunction with their product) and microneedling (I didn't share that I was doing this too) intermittently. It's still early, but I think it might be working on my temples. I can't really tell what's happening with my crown just yet.

    I have my first monthly consult since using the product with her today and we will compare results. I will update this thread as I progress.

    I would love to be able to pull my hair straight back and wear an occasional high bun or low bun again. It's been like 2 years since I've felt confident enough to do that.
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