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Twist/Braid/Bun for Growth Challenge (4/1/2012 - 6/30/2012)


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MsDee14 said:
Week 3 in these twists! I'm glad I made it and now I'm actually considering keeping them in for 4 weeks.
I re-did the visible twists at the front of my hair on Friday.
And I've been pretty much wearing them back all week using hair accessories to keep me interested.

*Keep in mind- I am relaxed/transitioning..hence the thinner ends

Your hair and hairstyles are so pretty!!


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This past weekend I did 2 dc treatments, one on saturday and one on Sunday. Sunday I did the dc on twist and had it air dry for a while. Around 7 o'clock i didn't know what to do with my hair. I didn't want to put it in twist cause I wanted the option to cowash my hair later in the week. (my ends are pretty rough) so twists and braids are out. I thought about bunning but i didn't feel like pulling on my hair and making it work...so i decided to finger coil my hair. yes it's not apart of the challenge, but i figure I should update.


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My low textured pony puff

middle one is how it looked this morning when i took my scarf off.

Last night I cowashed used my LI and put my wet hair into the low bun then smoothed the edges with HV whipped gelly and some gel also twisted the puff with HV whipped gelly. Then I tied everything down for the night.

will keep this bun in until wednesday then cowash again.


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When does the next round begin?? I've recently begun twisting and braiding my hair because I need to get back on track with my hair journey, I feel as if I have been at the same length for months now :sad: maybe it's just a bit of hairnorexia last week I wore two strand twists for half the week but missed my big hair that is going to be my downfall in doing this. I always begin to miss my big hair. currently I am wearing minis braids. great styles ladies, hopefully I can join you all next round! great braids, twists, and buns ladies.


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i was getting sick of my bun so i did some twists..i used giovanni direct leave in and herbal essences set me up gel...i want to keep these in for atleast 2 weeks...i need to get some bobby pins to do my updos, until then they'll be in a pony or side bun.



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nadaa16 The next round will start on July 1, but you can join now!! :poke: We would love to have you. I also miss my big hair when wearing twists or buns. I felt so guilty today; I went to the post office with a braid out. :( I forgot to put in my banana clip! But now I'm sitting with deep conditioner in it to make up for my transgressions. :)lol:)

iri9109 The shine! Love it.


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@BBritdenise What a gorgeous roll!! I am tender headed, so I would take my roll down at night for sleep. However, I'm sure if you wear a scarf, your roll can last 3+ days. If the roll is stuffed, it tends to last longer.

I wish I had the styling skills that some of you have. My flat twists look terrible :lol: and my Game of Throne braids (@kinkycurlygurl Yes, I've tried m'lady) look like a black hippy girl that had too much pixie dust. :lol:

So I've been super lazy by just releasing my 'Celie' braids, making a thin bang, and pinning the back into a soft roll. It's easy for me to not play in hair since I'm usually in the house. Some days, I don't even take off my bonett or scarf. :ninja:

NappyNelle Give the game of thrones braids a couple of tries. It took me a few tries to get it the way I like. I've been rocking them ever since. :yep:


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Checking in, I am still in my twists. I have had them in for two weeks already. If I make it to four it will be a record:lol:

I love them. I can only hope I retained pretty well:yep:


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Your twists are very nice! How long does it take for you to do them and how did you part your hair so evenly? I have a hard time doing that, so it looks as if my twists are coming from unruly newgrowth.

seraphim712 Thanks! I actually just got new twists Saturday. Sorry I don't have any good advice. My friend does them for me for pretty cheap. I know she watched youtube to learn. In the first set, she twisted using Aphogee style and wrap mousee on each twist and rolled the ends up on straws, then I sat under the dryer for a few minutes. She did a similar process this time but used ORS lock and twist gel. I have a picture below of this new set.

I'm going to try to do them on my own next month. We'll see how that goes.


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still in my updo...my flat twists in the front look all loose ...i know that couldn't be newgrowth right? :look: I'll probably push thru til the wknd...or even til next tuesday! That would be two weeks, no manipulation! :yep:


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Hey hey hey.

So..my twists are on their last leg. I overnight baggied..and woke up with frizz galore. Yet my twists weren't damp or anything. I am rocking a bun today and a scarf to camouflage some of the messiness.

They are def coming out on Friday.


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Hello ladies!! Here is today's banana clip bun:

I started with an air dried braid out, then clipped my ends under. :)


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Have my hair in flat twists, twisted from nape to front. They look bad. I was rushing last night and didn't take my time to part it. :eek:whell: It will have to do until I wash again.


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Today, I'm wearing my bunzilla bun with a big, pink flower accent. It's about the circumfrence of a saucer. Easy to do too, just put the hair in a pony tail then split the tail into 4 sections, turn each section under and pin. Close any gaps by pulling the edges of the sections together and pinning.


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Getting real tired of these boring buns. I think I am going to rock my hair out tomorrow for the Juneteenth event here and then install twists tomorrow night for next week.


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ok so I have been about 2 weeks out of buns...sorry ladies. I'm currently wearing a washngo and trying to figure out how to transform it into a bun, any suggestions? TIA


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My first twists/flat twists... They're extremely loose because my hair doesn't hold a braid or twist at all. I tried using ORS wrap/set mouse but it didn't really help. I'll try to keep these for a week. I lost my banana clip so idk how I'll keep them up


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BBritdenise said:
My first twists/flat twists... They're extremely loose because my hair doesn't hold a braid or twist at all. I tried using ORS wrap/set mouse but it didn't really help. I'll try to keep these for a week. I lost my banana clip so idk how I'll keep them up

Very nice me likey:)


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Do any of you ladies have shorter fronts than the rest of your hair?, how do you deal with that? If you have overcome the short fronts how did you? My edges have always been shorter than my hair. It drives me crazy.



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I would like to "wet bun" this summer. but i'm afraid about shrinkage... imagine that my hair shrinks while drying in bun and that shrinkage unravel the bun, during afternoon :ohwell: ?

it happened to me once with a puff : my hair shrinks so the satin rubbon wasn't able to stay in place anymore.