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Twist/Braid/Bun for Growth Challenge (7/1/2012 - 9/30/2012)

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WOW!!! All these before and after pictures are amazing!!!!!! I even see changes in avatars and signatures!! You go ladies!!! This is what this challenge is all about!!!



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I'm putting in mini braids now for the next challenge. I put my starting pics in that one. I would like to be BSL by my bday in April. With these challenges I think I can do it!


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I've done some pretty deep trims this summer to keep splits and ssks at bay so I think I'm probably the same length I was june 30th. No biggie. My hair feels good. I'll post the same pic I'm putting in the new thread taken of my medium twists I did today



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I want to do a Twistout compare too!

March 2012



September 2012


Side by side

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Hi Everybody,

I had some IRL busyness going on. It's like how dare you. You know 3rd quarter twist is ending and 4th quarter. is beginning right? :nervous2: I've got UPDATES. :lol:

Thank you all for your help and just fun.

jprayze. Nice new avi. Can't wait to see what happens this fall with you. I need to pop over to your introduction thread.

-PYT and bajandoc86 BraunSugar & Victoria44. I used to buy hair that looked like yours. You all have raised the bar on styling :gorgeous:

NappyNelle, Freshprince, Honey boo boo and CHAPPELLE. You blessed us with the GIFS! Thanks to you I'm really starting to love my hair. :love3: There's something about being accountable to you all that made me push myself. Thanks for keeping this going

Leslie_C. Wow you chopped too? Just incredible. Thanks for pointing out your goal. What you said made me think that my goal was retention. Oh, thank goodness it wasn't length. :smirk: Which leads me to the snaps below.

Quick note: I'm NOT wearing this bathing suit again. I just did it for the comparison.

Another note: I need to go to the kimmaytube school of comparison shots.

June 28, 2012

September 30, 2012

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Hey ladies :wave:
OMGoodness..I feel like I missed out on so much in just a week. My subscription expired and since I was getting a little addicted to the forum..I decided to give myself a mini break. lol.
Anyway..here are my results.
See you over at the 4th quarter challenge!

July 2012

September 2012

Not much of a difference, but my main goal was to retain my relaxed ends since I'm 45 weeks post relaxer. I also trimmed in the beginning of September.
So, I'm satisfied.

Ok..now it's time for me to catch up on my celeb gossip...lol


Kinky Coily 4A, Fine Strands, WSL
I will miss this thread ladies. :cry2: See you in the new thread with pics and love and questions and answers! Woohooooooooooo!
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