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Twist outs, Braid outs and TANGLES....


New Member
Hi, I'm transitioning to be texlaxed and have about 3 inches of relaxer left. :drunk:. I love doing braid outs and twist outs but am finding that i'm getting lots of tangles and knots, especially with the twist outs. I'm BSL

I normally co-wash, and then do about 10-12 single twists with sponge rollers on the ends...I seal the ends in coconut oil. They come out pretty but the tangles and knots are becoming a constant thing when I wash my hair. I would say I actually detangle on average of 3-4 times a week.

Are the tangles and knots normal?

Honey Bee

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I'm transitioning to texlaxed too, and I've had similar problems. It got so bad that I was actually cutting out knots of 2-3 hairs, which is not the business when you have fine hair. So I started to rollerset every other wash. I still don't use heat, and I have my fun with braid-outs every other week. It's a little more work, but that's better than cutting it.