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Twistout --> Curlformers


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I thought I would post these pictures for people that may be feeling style challenged. I did a trial run on my hair for an event I have in December. Every week I wash, deep condition, detangle, and twist my hair with CJ Smoothing Lotion, CJ Smoothing Conditioner, and Care Free Curl Lite Activator Gel. I wear my twists in a bun for 7 days and then repeat the process. This week, when I took down my old twists, I applied conditioner to small sections and put 32 extra long and wide curlformers in my hair. It took about 90 minutes to dry under the dryer because technically my hair wasn't wet. Because it was a trial run, it was pretty late at night and I was ready for bed, so I put my hair in two braids. The next night I was getting ready to wash and retwist, but when I took my braids down I saw that I had achieved another look, so I snapped a picture of that as well.

If I had really been trying, I probably could have gone 2 weeks without washing my hair, the first in twists, and then a couple days with curls, a couple days with braids, and a couple days with waves.

I've done curlformer sets on wet hair before and my hair never came out this straight, and it was so much more of a hassle to part and keep the sections wet. Working on stretched hair was a million times easier.

If anyone else tries this out please let me know how it goes!

3/4 of the way done

Curls! I used a little too much conditioner so there were white spots. I'll do better next time.

2 braids




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I have curl formers in the back of my hair now to see how it comes out. It it works out will be doing my hair like this for the xmas ball next weekend. Thanks OP


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@faithVA i hope it works out! Take pictures!

No pictures :look:

But it did work out well. I took out the 2 back rows of my twists, applied a little conditioner and then put the curlformers in. I let it dry for an hour. It should have waited 1.5 hours but they were getting on my nerves :lol: But it was straight and soft.

My ends are very raggedy and need a good dusting and I didn't comb through the hair so I wouldn't have been able to comb it out or really style it. But it is so straight that i can easily wear a bun or another updo.

This is a much better way of doing it versus doing it on wet hair.

I have outgrown my small curlformers so I need to buy 3 or 4 more packs to do my whole head. If I do a set for the balll next weekend I will take pictures.


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Very pretty! Naptural85 uses Curlformers on stretched hair too. It seems to be easier than using them on wet hair. I may try one day.


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Beautiful results !!! I've bee itching to try these...I may just go on & take the plunge, I have no idea how many to buy though.


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Me likey! I keep putting off my purchase of Curl formers but pics like these make me want to get them now!


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cch24, thanks for the review. I didn't know that the curlformers worked so well on dry hair. Secondly using the conditioner as a setting lotion is fabulous. I didn't keep my curls but I pulled the back up into a puff. And I twisted the front with the conditioner. And my hair is so soft and my twists in the front are soft and defined.

I will probably just use my curlformers for now for stretching my hair after it has dried. My back is as straight as it was when I pressed it in September. :yep: