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Two Questions on Phytorelaxer


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Hello Everyone,

Newbie here. Before I get to my questions on the phytorelaxer, just wanted to say that I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH FOR THE FEW WEEKS THAT I HAVE BEEN READING THESE FORUMS!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I am 8 weeks post relaxer, stretching to 12. I am a 4a/4b. I've read so many positive things about phytorelaxer here that I want to try it.

Q1. I don't self-relax. Can anyone living in the Maryland/DC/Northern Virginia Metro Area recommend a salon and stylist that does phytorelaxers?

Q2. I've read a lot about Henna here and I think I want to incorporate it into my regimen, not for the color, only for the conditioning effects. (I read that if you just want to conditioning properties, mix and use right away for up to two hours, as opposed for waiting for the dye to release). I read on the phytorelaxer site that the relaxer should not be used on Henna treated hair. I'm thinking that this would apply only to those who color with Henna, not those who just condition with it, because it's in a statement warning about bleaches and coloring. Any Henna users who phytorelax with no problems?


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We miss you Pete!


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Welcome Sweetone!

Try salon cielo on Conn. Ave, in DC I think there's a stylist there who uses phyto. good luck!


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Hi Sweetone,

I just relaxed with Phyto II last weekend and did a henna treatment last night for the first time. The results are nothing short of amazing! My color is gorgeous, my hair is thicker, heavier, and stronger, and it even appears a little longer, if that is possible. I am so excited about the results and will be following up with my second treatment next weekend (if I can hold back that long!) I self-relax so I can't help with a salon recommendation, but I wish you blessings with that!;)