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Bug Unable to view Threads


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I cannot view a thread and receive the message below when I try to view a thread. This happens only when I login under my name. If I an just a visitor with no user name etc I can view the allowed threads just fine. HELP!!!

I get the message below.
Hello and thank you for visiting.

An error occurred on the server. The administrator has been notified.

We apologize for the inconvenience

Long Hair Care Forum LLC.


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Ctrl + F5 should reset it. It happened to me and I remembered
Nikos advice from months ago when they were trying to make
changes to the forum.

When you get to that page, do the Ctrl + F5 and you'll get in
with no problem.


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Thank you but that still didn't work for me. Today I was able to login and actually see the threads I click on and respond.


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I'm glad the problem was resolved. I don't know about you but I get
severe withdrawal symptoms when I can't get in here, lol.

Ms Kain

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OrangeMoon - The same thing is happening to me now. It's been like this for 2 wks! I've put in 2 tickets, emailed Bev, waited and after 10 days the only thing I can do is post from my phone! beverly :-( what is the deal with not being able to get in? Even if there's an issue, a response would be nice :-(