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Understanding and Appreciating the Largness of God!


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When you really break down the understanding of God’s love, I think we can only understand it in one of two way: Big and beyond our understanding… or small and basic.

Personally, I feel that either God’s love is so big we continually look towards it in awe at its vastness, enormity and incomparably complex glory, or it is so small we quickly look back towards mankind and condemn them for failing to understand something so basic.
Basic? God, the cosmic sized creator of all things… basic to understand? Hmmm….

Again, to speculate a little based on random blogs and comments around the internet, some people seem to take the option that God’s love is so small they already feel that they are a qualified expert to talk about how others have or will fail to qualify for it.

The problem I have with this is as follows: How can anyone who fails to understand how to fill out their tax return form without help, or have not, lets say, yet grasped quantum physics in its entirety think they can completely understand the universe creating God? How can one think Algebra is too hard to understand, yet feel they have the entire truth about God all worked out down to the finest details? So perfect in their understanding of God and all his ways they can, in fact, effortlessly (and feeling 100% justified to do so) condemn people in God name?

“Doing a tax return – very confusing”
“Learning quantum physics – verging on impossible”
“Teaching someone Algebra – not in a million years”
“Understanding everything about God, so much so you can be a verified expert on him in every possible way – oh yes, that’s easy!”


I think one’s concept has to be very small if they feel they God all worked out. You see, God is big. I mean, he is really BIG. He is the cosmic God. He is the universe creating God. He is the guy who made the world a million times bigger than you, and then made the sun a million times bigger than the world, and then made the other stars in the universe a million times bigger than the sun. We’re talking about a God who created a universe the length of about 90 trillion football fields in length (9.4 million light years) to illustrate that the entire universe he created is like a speck of dust compared to his own size.

Jesus came to earth to help us understand our great God, but don’t forget he is not just the size of Jesus when he walked the earth, he is also the size of the cosmic Christ who created everything in the entire universe and beyond.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I’ll say this again: God is big. God is really, really big. The question worth asking is: how many times to do you think he is bigger than you? 10 times? A thousand times? A million times? Unlimited times? Well, the answer to that question will define how big you think God’s love is.
For me, God’s love is unlimited, because whenever I measure God against my own ability in anything, he ends up with a ranking of:

So, if you want my perspective on God, and how we as people, created in his image, can truly come to understand and appreciate the largeness of God’s being, Here is is:
Imagine a love without limits. Imagine, if you can, an unending love. A love without boundaries. A love that stretches the landscape of eternity. Imagine this, and you will fall into the understanding of God. God is love.
(a blog post by mick mooney)


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Yes!! A G-d so big, He can never fit onto the point of a pen and all in the ink in the universe is not sufficient to explain Him. Amein to your post!!!


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This was a really good post. Thank you for this reminder! :) We can sometimes forget just how BIG God is.


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Wonderful reminder of the Greatness of Jehovah! I enjoyed reading that....


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Humility is good, we have to know that our theology is limited at best. Together, we can see the bigger picture. It's always good to listen to any, new christian--mature christian. Old and young. Even a child will lead them( Isaiah 11:6). And thank God for the holy spirit, he has promised to lead us to all truths.